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Personalize your own device maintenance schedule and we’ll perform regular checkups at times to suit you

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*based on our internal data

Advanced System Tune-up

See your Mac running at its full potential with a full system review and fix

Software & App Support

Forget about app crashes. We’ll guide and help you through initial set up and beyond

Device Setup

From your Mac to smart TV—we’ve got you covered

Optimize your Mac with an advanced system tune-up

Our team can optimize your Mac by cleaning out what’s slowing it down, removing any potential threats, and ensuring your security and privacy settings are properly installed. MacKeeper remote support will leave your Mac safe, clean, and running at its full speed.

What our customers are saying

We’ll step in to help where other customer support won’t

From mail and browser to any other app or software issue, our expert technicians will be there for you each and every time you need us. Our Premium Services goes beyond regular support. It provides full, expert assistance across all of your software and apps wherever they come from.

It’s amazing how much we can fix

Fix the workout machine?

Easy. Our tech superhero Jin fixed a smart exercise bike that wouldn't connect to Wi-Fi—in less than an hour!

Got a voice-controlled microwave?

Not very impressive if it’s not connecting to Wi-Fi. Kind of just shouting instructions at a box. . . Don’t stress. Our tech expert Steve can fix smart ovens.

We don’t just cover “periphery” devices

Jack, our tech expert, recently set up a 3.2m-long industrial printer. Hardly a handy pocket gadget, but yes—we fix the big stuff too.

Set up a “Computerized embroidery machine”?

A what? Sounds a bit fiddly, right?! But our tech Valerie got it sorted.

Solar panel monitoring can go wrong

Our techs can’t. Jack knows how to get the monitoring for rooftop solar system back again. 2.5h is all it took Jack.

Musician, DJ, amateur?

We managed to get a Mac to recognize the MIDI keyboard of one of our customers desperate not to lose hours of work. A delicate and painstaking job, it took us 88 (!) hours, but we did it. We’re here with you until your problem is solved.

Why is this service like no other?

Cause it’s not only about Mac. It’s about you and your needs wherever you are. We once connected a translator device to an iPhone so our customer could find their voice hundreds of miles from home.

Solar panels? Yes. We even fix the sunshine.

Well, it was a solar inverter, to be precise. Our tech expert, Monty, helped connect it to our customer’s computer, so they could keep their hotspot hot.

Device setup and coverage

Premium Services will let you hit the ground running, then support you every step of your journey. Our trained technicians will go the extra mile to help you with setup and data synchronization issues across any device, be it Mac, Windows, printer, Apple Watch, and beyond.


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Your macOS version is lower than OS 10.11. We’d like to offer you MacKeeper 4 to solve the cleaning, privacy, and security issues of your macOS.