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AV-TEST certified
Protect, optimize, and clean your Mac with just one app
MacKeeper is a tech care app created specifically for Macs. It detects malware and spyware, cleans out junk, blocks ads, and protects your private information online.

AV-TEST certified

MacKeeper boasts a 99.7% malware detection rate, confirmed by AV-TEST, one of the world’s biggest independent security labs. We’ve also scored the highest in usability and performance compared to other major Mac antiviruses.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

by Apple*

Your Mac memory is too precious for junk

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Use Safe Cleanup to get rid of logs, caches, mail attachments, localization languages, and more.

Let Smart Uninstaller take care of the apps you no longer want to keep on your Mac.

With Duplicates Finder , you can organize and delete duplicate files and similar photos without any risk of deleting the originals.

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Use Memory Cleaner to free up your RAM and identify resource-intensive background processes.

Our Login Items feature will optimize your Mac start-up time by preventing unnecessary apps waking up at the same time as your Mac.

Run Update Tracker to keep your apps updated without manually monitoring their new releases.

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Rely on our Antivirus to protect your Mac from viruses in real time.

Use Adware Cleaner to find and safely delete adware, including any suspicious pop-ups it may send.

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Overcome location content restrictions and hide safely with Mac VPN .

Instantly find out about your emails, passwords, SSN, credit cards, etc. being breached to the public with ID Theft Guard .

Use Stop Ad to block online advertising and prevent data trackers from following your searches.


MacKeeper can clean it out in just a few clicks! The combination of decluttering features—Safe Cleanup, Smart Uninstaller, and Duplicate Finder—gives digital junk no chance of surviving on your disk.


Our performance optimization features will make you feel as if your Mac’s gone back in time. It will feel almost as fast and productive as the day you bought it.


You never know where a cyberthreat will come from. Luckily, MacKeeper’s Antivirus can detect up to 99.7% of malware currently known in the industry, from viruses to spyware and adware.


Enjoy total peace of mind when browsing online and know that MacKeeper constantly guards the safety of your private information.


Here’s what real users say about MacKeeper

Change your Mac’s life for the better in three easy steps

Scan your Mac with MacKeeper

The MacKeeper app will check what your Mac’s been up to in terms of memory, performance, privacy, etc.

Fix the items found

Whatever we find during the scan, we’ll help you to fix it straight away.

Enjoy a worry-free Mac experience

Let MacKeeper take care of any potential issues that might affect your Mac’s performance in the future.


Get your Macs back on track

MacKeeper blends 11 powerful tools into one handy app.

Trusted by industry experts and 3+ million Mac users

MacKeeper offers good value for money and its’ well worth a look, especially as it includes a VPN alongside the security and maintenance tools.
— Mark Sparrow, Forbes
The features that MacKeeper offers today make it one of the best antivirus software choices available for Mac users
— Chyelle Dvorak and John Faulds, TechRadar
Security is what MacKeeper is best-known for.
— Andy Betts, Makeuseof
MacKeeper is a very easy tool to use; it’s well organised and the various features are clear and functional.
— Keith Martin, MacWorld UK
MacKeeper offers tons of security, privacy, and performance features beyond basic antivirus protection.
— Neil J. Rubenking, PC Mag
The new MacKeeper appears to be exactly what it claims to be: a combination housekeeping, anti-malware, and privacy app. Its features look broadly comparable to its rivals, and completely genuine.
— Eclectic Light

Start getting the most out of your Mac

Clean, optimized, and fully secured: your Mac could be all of these with MacKeeper.

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