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Safe Cleanup FAQ

How do I clean my Mac quickly?

The Find & Fix feature scans all MacKeeper tools at once so you can fix all items in a click. Run Find & Fix for an all-in-one quick Mac scan:

Step 1. Open MacKeeper, and select Find & Fix at the top of the left sidebar.

Step 2. Click the blue Start Scan button at the bottom of MacKeeper window

Step 3. Wait until the scan is finished.

Step 4. Click Fix Items Safely.

Can I remove duplicates files from my Mac? Is it safe?

The Duplicates Finder feature detects all duplicate files on your Mac. These are unneeded file copies that usually waste disk space. Duplicates Finder removes them in a click so you get megabytes or even gigabytes of extra disk space back.

Removing duplicates is completely safe as it always leaves at least 1 copy of each file. You can either use the automatic selection or select the copies manually.

What are junk files?

The system junk files are caches, logs, unused languages, and basically any files that are created by the system over time, but they are not deleted automatically after that. Over time, system junk files may pile up and clog the Mac. There's no way to prevent the system from creating junk files. That is why weekly scans are highly recommended in order to keep your Mac fast and clean.

Should I remove Languages?

Languages are unnecessary localization files for applications that support multiple languages. Apps are often equipped with localization files, so that customers from different countries can use the app in their native languages. Usually, a customer needs only one preferred language, so the others can be removed to make the Applications folder more lightweight.

How often should I run Find and Fix?

We recommend running it once a week or once every two weeks to keep your system in good condition.

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Memory Cleaner

Manage your Mac’s memory

Update Tracker

Get the latest versions of your apps


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