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    Notarization is not an app review, but it ensures that the MacKeeper software is free of any malicious components.

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    The gold standard for app quality and reliability, AppEsteem verifies that apps are perfectly safe and user-friendly.

  • AV-TEST certified

    MacKeeper has passed the independent antivirus comparison with an impressive 99.7% virus detection rate.

Explore our cleaning tools

  • Safe Cleanup
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Smart Uninstaller
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Safe Cleanup

Get more free storage space by removing junk files cluttering your device.

  • Delete logs, caches, mail attachments, and localization languages.
  • Remove digital junk without putting important files at risk of being deleted.
  • Receive timely reminders when it’s time to clean up again.
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Safe Cleanup feature interface
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Duplicates Finder

Free up even more space on your Mac by taking care of those duplicate files we all hoard.

  • Find and delete all copies, leaving the originals untouched.
  • Go further and remove similar-looking photos, only keeping the best shots.
  • Run regular scans to keep your Mac duplicate-free.
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Duplicates Finder feature interface
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Smart Uninstaller

Moving an app to the trash is not enough to fully erase it from your Mac. Smart Uninstaller makes sure all the leftovers of deleted apps are removed too.

  • Easily uninstall apps you don’t use and their digital leftovers.
  • Find and remove plugins and extensions you didn’t even know were there.
  • Get notified about apps you haven’t used in a while.
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Smart Uninstaller feature interface
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More free space

7.5 gigabytes


removed by users in their first cleanup

Less manual cleaning

145 duplicates


found during the first scan

No random apps

13 apps


uninstalled after the first MacKeeper scan

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Take your Mac cleanup even further


Memory Cleaner

Manage your Mac RAM by controlling every background process.
  • Monitor resource-intensive apps
  • Free up your Mac’s RAM in a click
  • Optimize your Mac processing speed

Adware Cleaner

Scan your Mac for adware infections and easily remove them.
  • Remove annoying pop-ups bombarding your Mac
  • Stop data trackers from accessing private information
  • Receive real-time adware alerts

What real Mac users are saying

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Isn’t it enough to clean my device with Apple’s built-in tools?

You can use macOS storage management options for a manual cleanup. However, using automatic Mac cleaner software is a much faster way to free up disk space.

Will my Mac run faster after the cleanup?

Removing useless junk files should help your Mac run faster. We recommend that you also free up memory and use other MacKeeper performance tools to unleash its maximum speed.

How many gigabytes of space can be freed up?

It depends on how many junk files are hiding on your Mac. On average, MacKeeper users free up 7.5GB of disk space during their first scan.

Is it safe to remove system junk from my Mac?

If you’re manually cleaning unneeded files from your system folders, you need to be careful. It’s safer to use an automatic cleaner for Mac, as your personal files will always remain untouched.

  • System Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later, 100 MB of space
  • Software Version: 5.8, Dec, 2021
  • Pricing: Starting at $10.95/month
  • Developer: Clario Tech DMCC
**Notarization is not the App Review. The Apple notary service is an automated system that scans your software for malicious content.

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