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The perfect cleaner for your Mac

MacKeeper reclaims your disk space easily. Run it now to remove junk, duplicates, or useless apps instantly.


So, how do I clean my Mac?

  • 1

    Get rid of system junk

    How many redundant files are wasting your storage? Tons of them.

  • 2

    Remove duplicates

    Because life’s too short to look through 200 similar vacation pics.

  • 3

    Complete your disk cleanup

    Are you sure you need those apps you installed a year ago?


free fix

in each feature

The Mac cleaner app is just the start

MacKeeper cares for your Mac in so many other ways.

Help your Mac run faster

  • free up memory
  • reduce startup time
  • update all apps in a click

Protect from malware

  • scan your Mac for viruses
  • stop viruses in real time
  • monitor for suspicious apps

Safeguard your private data

  • hide your data with a VPN
  • browse without ads
  • monitor for data breaches 24/7

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Get human help, whenever you need it

Our tech experts will support you 24/7 with MacKeeper onboarding. No 24h waiting times—get answers right now!

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55 live agents to assist you 24/7
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What’s included in the free version?

There’s one free fix in each MacKeeper feature. To fix all items in a click, you’ll need a full MacKeeper license.

Isn’t it enough to clean with Apple built-in tools?

You can use macOS storage management options for a manual cleanup. However, using automatic Mac cleaner software is a much faster way to free up disk space.

Will my Mac run faster after the cleanup?

Removing useless junk files should help your Mac run faster. We recommend that you also free up memory and use other MacKeeper’s performance tools to unleash its maximum speed.

How many gigabytes of space can be freed up?

It depends on how many junk files are hiding on your Mac. On average, MacKepeer users free up 5.3GB of disk space each month.

Is it safe to remove system junk from my Mac?

If you’re manually cleaning unneeded files from your system folders, you need to be careful. It’s safer to use an automatic cleaner for Mac, as your personal files will always remain untouched.

Cleaner Mac.
Faster Mac.

How about a junk cleanup that feels like an upgrade? Download MacKeeper to work its magic and leave your Mac cleaner and more optimized.

  • System Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later, 100 MB of space
  • Software Version: 5.4, Jul, 2021
  • Pricing: Starting at $10.95/month
  • Developer: Clario Tech DMCC

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Your macOS version is lower than OS 10.11. We’d like to offer you MacKeeper 4 to solve the cleaning, privacy, and security issues of your macOS.