Inside the MacKeeper blog

Meet the people behind MacKeeper’s blog and learn more about how they create the content aimed at keeping you safer online.

Meet our content creators

Olga is a privacy advocate and cybersecurity enthusiast.

With over 5 years of supporting Mac users, Ruslana lives and breathes everything Mac. Tech expert, Apple lover, and well, a cutie. Say hi on LinkedIn!

Matt is an Australian freelance tech writer with a degree in creative and critical writing. His true passion is telling stories, and he hopes to one day write a novel worthy of publication.

Dan writes and edits features, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions to help people make the most of their technology.

Dilum is a freelance tech writer specializing in topics related to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. He has nearly five years of experience contributing to online technology publications.

Aya is a freelance writer with a passion for life. When she isn't typing away, she's thinking about new business opportunities. Most productive when working in bed.

A tech-inspired writer and content manager with a wide experience in IT and genuine admiration for Apple products.

A content lover who aims at telling MacKeeper’s story to the rest of the IT world. Ready to love Apple apps with me?

Danny is a freelance writer who talks about Apple products, along with productivity and other tech matters.

Louis is a freelance writer and Apple enthusiast who aids people through tech-centred content.

Steven John is a writer living just outside New York City with his wife and two kids. His writing spans from the historical to the technical, and his interests are much the same.

A big fan of Mac products, Gordon has joined our team to describe and explain the deep tech nuances for our German user audience.

An avid lover of freedom, Katherine found a way to enjoy it though remote writing and translation jobs. Technology is one of her current interests.

Marie’s variety of content marketing experience is immense, and now she makes it work for MacKeeper, sharing her tech insights with French-speaking Mac users.

Our editorial guidelines

You can’t protect a user from all the cyberthreats in the world. But you can make them prepared for one if it ever occurs.

That’s exactly what our content team does: makes the internet a safer place by educating our readers on Mac security, digital trends, and tech care.

We constantly track new releases of everything Mac—processors, macOS versions, system updates, etc. This way, we make sure our readers receive the latest up-to-date information in our Mac guides and articles.

All our contributors combine proven Mac expertise with strong writing skills. Yet we still follow every article with a specific check by a corresponding domain expert before posting it.

The mission of MacKeeper’s blog is simple—to make our readers more confident when using their Macs by offering them great content that won’t bore or scare them. You can always reach out to us if you can’t find an answer to your Mac-related question in our posts. Our team is glad to take on a new challenge outside our agenda no matter what; and the harder the better.

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