The ultimate uninstaller for Mac

MacKeeper can remove Mac apps and leftover files in just a couple of clicks, no matter where they’re hiding.


The last app cleaner you’ll ever need

Properly uninstall apps

Remove browser extensions

Delete plugins & widgets

Delete apps the right way using MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller. Let it find and remove unwanted leftover files for you.

How it works
  • See unused apps first
  • discover hidden apps
  • delete app leftovers

Stop unneeded web browser add-ons clogging up your Mac and holding it back.

How it works
  • sort by size
  • group extensions by browsers
  • remove them all in one click

Let MacKeeper take care of plugins, widgets, and preference panes hogging valuable disk space and slowing your Mac down.

How it works
  • find internet and Spotlight plugins
  • spot silent widgets
  • remove preference panes

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Open Smart Uninstaller


Scan for unused apps


Remove them for free

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One standout feature of MacKeeper is its unique chat window that gives the user 24/7 access to MacKeeper’s team of privacy and security experts.

Mark Sparrow


MacKeeper offers tons of security, privacy, and performance features beyond basic antivirus protection

Neil J Rubenking


MacKeeper is a very easy tool to use; it’s well organised and the various features are clear and functional.

Keith Martin


All in all, MacKeeper is a dependable software with lots of fantastic features. It gives you privacy, security and cleans your Mac for extra space which is beyond any average antivirus software.

Deyan Georgiev


The thing that stands out the most about MacKeeper is how easy it is to use. A quick install, and then you’re guided through the process of scanning and protecting your Mac.

Chyelle Dvorak


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More than just a Mac uninstaller

MacKeeper is a complete Mac optimization and security package.

Keep malware at bay

  • Get real-time protection
  • Stop adware from bugging you
  • Delete or quarantine viruses

Turbo-charge your Mac

  • Free up memory
  • Reduce start times
  • Update apps in one click

Safeguard your privacy

  • Stay hidden with a secure VPN
  • Check for data breaches
  • Browse without ads
Enjoy our Security Care Season—protect your Mac now!

Limited offer

Remove junk files and unused apps
Quit memory-draining apps
Scan for malware infections
Protect from viruses in real time
One week
Block adware and pop-ups
Chat with tech support 24/7
Browse anonymously through VPN
Monitor for personal record leakss
  • System Requirements: macOS 10.13 or later, 100 MB of spaceFull requirements
  • Latest Software Version: 6.2, Jan, 2023
  • Pricing Starting at $10.95/month
  • Developer: Clario Tech DMCC

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