It’s our birthday🎉 Time loves MacKeeper—we’ve grown from a simple antivirus into a holistic security app.

Catch our birthday sale to protect your Mac from viruses, malware, and spies hunting for your data

Let’s walk down our memory lane together!

Announced a new generation of MacKeeper—we welcomed the 6th version with enhanced antivirus, upgraded VPN, and an even easier to use interface.

Stood with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and we continue our support today, helping them with donations and by spreading awareness.

Announced Similar Photo Detection feature

Enhanced ID Theft Guard

Added an all-new dashboard

Updated our Chrome extension

Started real-time virus detection with 99.7% proven detection rate, awarded ISO 27001 certification audit, achieved AV-TEST certification, and notarized by Apple.

Notarized by Apple

AV-TEST certified

Began data breach monitoring, received AppEsteem certification, and enhanced StopAd.

Added a new VPN client, started real-time adware detection, launched anti-tracking browser extension, and upgraded Find & Fix.

Held 9 educational webinars with 2000 attendees, localized MacKeeeper in 19 languages, and discovered sensitive US Air Force data.

All-new Memory Cleaner tool, hit 20M downloads, and handled 1M requests; showcased our new Human Inside feature at CES 2015.

Added live chat, built 16 apps within MacKeeper 3, and started educational webinars.

Launched beta version in April and released Anti-Theft feature 1 year before Apple’s version.


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