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With multilayered online privacy protection you're always safe. Trackers are blocked. Wi-Fi hotspots are protected. Data breach alerts are sent.

MacKeeper protects your privacy when it matters most

ID Theft Guard™

Stop compromised online accounts from being hacked


Block annoying ads and advertisers from tracking you online

VPN Private Connect

Secure any public Wi-Fi connection

Don’t be a victim of identity theft

Avoid identity theft and guard any compromised online accounts from hackers. 52% of people who try ID Theft Guard™ find leaked web accounts. Try online identity protection with ID Theft Guard™ to protect them and keep your online identity secure.

ID Theft Guard™


Stop annoying ads and trackers

Love the web again without ads and trackers following you online. Browse, search, and shop ad-free with our brand new MacKeeper StopAd feature.



Safeguard your browsing data

Your internet connection isn’t as private as you think. ISPs are ready to sell your browsing history to advertisers, but MacKeeper can stop them. Use VPN Private Connect to encrypt the data you send online. Hide what and from where you browse.

VPN Private Connect


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