Protect your online privacy on each and every site

Your personal data should remain yours. MacKeeper makes your internet connection anonymous and blocks web trackers to keep your data private online.

Get MacKeeper when privacy
protection falls short

ISPs have direct access to your browsing history

Your real and online location is available

Ads track you online after web searches

VPN Private Connect

Safeguard your browsing data

Your internet connection isn’t as private as you think. ISPs are ready to sell your browsing history to advertisers, but MacKeeper can stop them. Use VPN Private Connect to encrypt the data you send online. Hide what and from where you browse.

  • Browse public Wi-Fi
  • $ Get extra payment
  • Encrypt data sent
    through 60 servers


Stop advertisers in their tracks

Are ads chasing you after web searches? It’s time to keep your browsing preferences secret. Block annoying ad tracking with MacKeeper’s Anti-tracking feature. Install a small browser extension to enjoy total online protection from pesky web trackers.

  • Block what affects
    browsing speed
  • Leave no footprint
  • Use in Safari or

Take it easy.
Data protection is a one-click thing.

MacKeeper’s single button scan checks your Mac for security, cleaning, and performance items. The very same button protects your online privacy. Isn’t that magic?

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Online data privacy is just the start.

Here’s what else MacKeeper can do.



Keep your Mac safe with advanced virus detection

Adware Cleaner

Detect and remove malicious and unwanted programs

Track My Mac

Find and lock your Mac remotely



Memory Cleaner

Manage your Mac’s memory

Update Tracker

Get the latest versions of your apps


24 million Mac users browse privately online. Are you in?

Millions of Mac users from all over the world have turned to MacKeeper to have their privacy sealed. We’d love to have your back, too.


*as of August 2018


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