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Notarized — MacKeeper Achieves Security Clearance from Apple

Apple has notarized MacKeeper, starting from V4.7.21, recognizing it as meeting the latest security requirements for macOS Catalina and all later macOS versions.


Notarization is a security measure put in place by Apple to check software for malicious components. It prevents users from installing “bad apps” and warns them if an app has not been checked.  


All Mac software distributed outside the Mac App store must be notarized by Apple to run on any version of macOS that users may have installed on their Mac, providing the confidence they need that the software they want to download is safely secure.


MacKeeper VP of Engineering Volodymyr Shchegel said:


“Achieving Apple notarization is the ultimate endorsement for the MacKeeper team and we’re proud that our software adheres to Apple’s high security and consumer standards. This process doesn’t just consider our technical credentials, but also our wider business practices, marketing methods, partners, and agencies. It’s an end-to-end verification and we hope that it encourages more people to trust MacKeeper to enhance their Mac’s performance and online security.”


To achieve notarization, developers must send the app’s code to Apple. An automated script then checks it for malware and, if nothing is found, a ticket is assigned to the app to confirm that it is notarized. When a user launches an app on any version of macOS the built-in security system, Gatekeeper, checks if the app has been approved. If its ticket matches the Apple-issued one, GateKeeper will display a message that the app is checked and safe to run. In layman’s terms, the app you want to open is safe to use because Apple says it is!


Along with Apple notarization, MacKeeper has received a number of impressive certifications, as listed below.  

  • Certified by AppEsteem, a consumer protection platform. AppEsteem has strict rules of practice and defends against receptor apps that exhibit deceptive and risky behaviors that could harm customers.
  • Achieved ISO 27001 Certification, which means MacKeeper conforms to the highest standards of security.
  • Received the highest scores in AV-TEST certification, proving that  MacKeeper consistently performs at the highest level in terms of protection, performance, and usability.

These certifications matter as they are proof that MacKeeper holds its software’s security and performance to the industry’s highest standards. In fact, security of its product and the protection of users’ data are paramount to the ethos of the company.


We are incredibly proud of these achievements, as the combination of all these certifications elevates MacKeeper to the status of one of only a few security and privacy software suites to have achieved such high standards. And while the notarization does not necessarily mean that Apple recommends MacKeeper directly, it agrees that MacKeeper meets its own very high software performance and security standards.

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