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Proven Quality: MacKeeper Earns AppEsteem Certification

At MacKeeper, we put a lot of time and effort into transforming our solution for the greater benefit of our customers. With this in mind, we’ve added a whole new suite of privacy and security features, covering identity theft protection, anti-tracking, and adblocking to name but a few.


As our app evolves, we want to make sure that its quality is proven by reputable independent sources. This is why we initiated and successfully completed the App-
Esteem certification of MacKeeper — the gold standard for app quality and reliability. This is something that none of the other leading brands in the digital protection and privacy space have achieved.


AppEsteem’s Certification process requires companies to undergo a rigorous and demanding review that entails detailed substantive analyses for consumer-protection criteria and multiple levels of a technical review.

Why did we decide to get certification for MacKeeper?

Historically, MacKeeper used to be criticized by the overly-promotional marketing steps taken by some of our former partners. We’ve now successfully eliminated such partnerships and put the consumer at the center of our growth strategy.


With the AppEsteem certification, we’ve officially joined an exclusive circle of companies committed to honest software practices and guidelines set out by the industry.

What is AppEsteem?

AppEsteem are an industry-monitoring organization helping 2 billion people get trusted cybersecurity solutions from reputable companies. “We started our company to help companies claim that they are compliant, and help consumers trust what those apps claim,” says Dennis Batchelder, the founder of AppEsteem. “That’s what we focus on with this certification, both for products like MacKeeper and services like MacKeeper Customer Services.”


Today, an AppEsteem certification is the gold standard for app quality and reliability. For you it means that a team of independent, highly-qualified experts reviewed all the processes behind our app development and support to ensure you can trust us.


“This certification is very important for us, as it shows we stand for customer centricity and satisfaction,” says Serge Sosniak, our company’s CSO. “To us, the consumer-centric approach is crucial, as with every version of MacKeeper and with all its new tools, we care about the best customer experience possible. We believe that AppEsteem is the organization that can help consumers reliably differentiate the good apps from the bad ones.” 

What does the certification of MacKeeper mean for you?

MacKeeper has undergone a strict examination during the certification process. This means that MacKeeper was acknowledged as a safe and trustworthy app with clear, transparent, and legal methods of advertising, distribution, and monetization. Now you can be sure that:

  • MacKeeper is a legitimate app that can be used without any concern
  • MacKeeper meets the transparent international quality standards
  • All the app’s procedures and explanations are transparent and clear
  • Your personal information is safe with us
  • MacKeeper is focused on improving customer satisfaction

What’s going to happen next?

We’re not going to stop here. We’re committed to continually improving the MacKeeper experience for the greater benefit of our customers. 


Stay tuned for more updates!

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