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ID Theft Guard and StopAd™ — Discover New Privacy Tools from MacKeeper

Have you ever received unsolicited emails or ads that relate to something you recently searched for online? Does it feel suspiciously like someone’s watching your every move across the internet? 

That’s quite normal because it’s the economy of the internet. The largest search engines provide a platform for businesses to specifically target internet users, in return for money.

As your data is trackable by legitimate companies, you can bet it’s also of interest to internet pirates and hackers. With cybercrime on the rise and with cases of stolen identity doubling in the past two years with victims losing $5.9 billion, have more than doubled in the past two years, at a cost of approximately $6 trillion by 2021, we think it’s definitely worth being careful to protect your valuable information and identity.

For that reason MacKeeper created ID Theft Guard and StopAd to protect your privacy and to block annoying ads and covert trackers. Let’s find out how ID Theft Guard and StopAd work, as well as how to use them to keep your online data secure.

ID Theft Guard is the ultimate tool to secure your valuable online data

ID Theft Guard provides a simple way for you to completely protect your online accounts, so that you can feel safe when you browse the internet, make online purchases or communicate using social media. It’s able to achieve that by doing the following:

  • Continuously monitors the web for data breaches
  • Finds and secures any compromised email addresses
  • Sends instant alerts if any risks are identified with your online accounts
  • Enables you to quickly change any leaked passwords

How does ID Theft Guard work?

ID Theft Guard uses the latest in cloud technologies to automatically scan for data breaches associated with your email accounts. If there is a breach, it alarms you instantly to ensure you take appropriate action.

Once you have installed the MacKeeper software, you can easily use the ID Theft Guard tool to add any email accounts that you want to protect and then check the security of those accounts for data breaches. The video below shows exactly how simple it is to do that!


StopAd is simply the best way to block annoying ads and stop online trackers

If you’re like over 90% of internet users, you may not want to be subject to advertising every few seconds or minutes. Instead, you might want to watch uninterrupted videos, play online games, use social media, browse the web or simply do some online shopping without your search patterns and behaviours being tracked. That’s where StopAd comes in.

So how does StopAd work?

StopAd is a browser extension that works with both Safari and Google Chrome browsers, including dark modes. It’s based on open source software which ensures it remains uncompromised and safe when it comes to blocking ads. As a user, you’re able to control your own web experience and block ads and online trackers by doing the following:

  • Select or deselect which sites to block ads or trackers on
  • Choose to block or unblock ads and trackers on all sites with one click
  • Remove covert data trackers that are used to target you with specific ads
  • Report annoying ads or broken sites
  • Send feedback to MacKeeper

It’s simple and easy to use, as you can see in the video below.

There’s no need to worry about your data being exposed to hackers or to put up with annoying ads and online trackers anymore. You can simply enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted time on the web, knowing your personal online data is safe when using StopAd.

For more information on how to use these privacy tools, you can head over to the MacKeeper Help Center to find tutorials for ID Theft Guard and tutorials for StopAd.

This announcement is part of MacKeeper’s ongoing transformation aiming to create a consumer-centric solution for digital privacy and protection space. 

Dive into our transformative vision for the future — combining security, privacy, and anti-fraud technologies in software. 

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