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MacKeeper stands with the Ukrainian people

As we’re sure you know, the people of Ukraine have been bravely defending their homes since Russia invaded on February 24, 2022.


Since then, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee and seek refuge abroad. Thousands of members of Ukraine’s courageous military and many innocent civilians have died, including hundreds of children. The heroic cities of Mariupol, Bucha, Irpin, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Kharkiv, and many others have suffered from irreversible infrastructure damage which will cost huge amounts of money to try and restore.  


Many members of our MacKeeper team are among those suffering from the war. As Ukraine stands and fights Russian aggression, our company aims to help and support its people and the land many of them call home.

You can help, too  

Modern wars are fought in a variety of places, often far beyond the frontline.


Combating the spread of fake news is an important fight in today’s digital age. That’s why we recommend double-checking what you see in your social media feeds. Take a minute to verify any news sources by looking beyond the article’s headline.  


If you are searching for legitimate and trusted ways of helping Ukrainians, we’ve picked some sources and websites for you:  


Support MacKeeper’s fundraising campaign for Ukraine’s defense  

Donate to President’s Zelenskyy initiative for defense, medical aid, and rebuilding




Donate to “Come Back Alive” NGO to support Ukrainian military



Raise funds for essential military equipment in hot spots with the “Kolo” NGO

What we’ve done to help so far  

The MacKeeper team has participated in numerous activities supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian people, including:  

Launched Clario Tech’s Special Fund

Clario Tech has partnered with PayPro Global, a major payment provider, and launched a fundraising campaign aimed at helping Ukrainian Defense efforts. Visitors to MacKeeper’s site have been able to donate by clicking the link on the company’s main website page.

Supported the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine 

Over 70 volunteers, including those working in MacKeeper’s Customer Service team, joined this initiative. The International Legion of Defense of Ukraine was created to help foreign citizens join Ukrainian militants and fight the Russian invaders.  

Worked for the ‘Dopomagai!’ hotline

We’ve got more than 50 team members working for the hotline 24/7. It was created to find safe housing for people forced to flee their homes because of the war.  

Donated to Ukraine’s military

Clario Tech, the owner of MacKeeper, donated $50,000 to the Ukrainian Armed Forces right at the beginning of the war.  

We value our users

Whatever happens, our user’s data always stays safe. Earlier in 2021, MacKeeper’s robust data security system was certified with ISO 27001. The International Organization for Standardization is based in Switzerland, and, as one of the most trusted online security organizations, this certificate demonstrates how MacKeeper follows the highest data protection standards.  


Despite how our team members have been affected by the war, none of our users, either with MacKeeper or Clario, have suffered. Since February 24, we have continued to support our products and provide our excellent customer support.  


We have also discontinued our services to users in Russia and Belarus. MacKeeper was built on the belief that people who use the internet for good should have their digital life secured and protected. With the majority of citizens in Russia and Belarus supporting the devastating war against Ukraine, we no longer believe our products are used for good in these countries. Together with many world-renowned brands, we have left the Russian and Belarus markets.


As a trusted user, the security of your data and the service we provide you remains paramount for us. We thank you for staying with MacKeeper from the bottom of our hearts.

It’s time to #standwithUkraine!  



the MacKeeper team.

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MacKeeper Stops Supporting the Old Versions
MacKeeper Achieves ISO 27001  Certification!
MacKeeper Achieves ISO 27001 Certification!

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