MacKeeper’s transformation

Our road to where we are now has been rocky, and that’s okay.

We entered the industry with a powerful digital product that we knew had huge value and could make the internet a safer place for Mac users. The only thing we needed at the time was to be able to find the right way to promote and popularize our app.

We went for the “proactive” affiliate marketing strategy that unfortunately turned out to be the wrong move for us.

We didn’t control the actions of our affiliate partners enough and we didn’t keep track of the advertising and messaging they were choosing for MacKeeper. As a result of this, a large number of MacKeeper ads were aggressive and fear-inducing, which is the complete opposite of how we want to market our product.


The consequences of these poorly made decisions became part of MacKeeper’s history and that cannot be erased or changed. So, our team had to decide which path to follow from a few options:

  1. a To give up and leave the industry
  2. b To try to hide our past by rebranding and launching under a different name
  3. c To grow from our mistakes and keep changing the digital landscape for the better

As you can see, we chose the third option, which was the correct path to take. This included admitting to our errors in judgement, giving back to those affected by our actions, and completely transforming MacKeeper as a company.

Industry recognition

Our past implies higher standards for our work. But this doesn’t scare us. At all.

99.7 %
proven virus detection rate
18 /18
maximum score compared to other antiviruses
AppEsteem certification
Notarized by Apple
Certified by AV-TEST
ISO 27001 certification


No matter how hard we work,
it’s our users that will tell us if we’re any good.

Transparent communication

We’ve always listened to our clients, but listening alone does not improve the product. In the last few years, we’ve transformed our processes to be able to implement the changes that were needed faster and more efficiently.

Control over marketing partners

MacKeeper’s sales and marketing strategy has undergone drastic changes since 2014. Today, we have strict rules for both in-house team and affiliate partners that include abidance by GDPR and FTC, reserved tone of voice for ads, and legitimate traffic channels.

Quick response to any mentions of us

Adopting the strategy of immediate reaction to everything that’s said about MacKeeper has not been easy. But by being open to criticism and having honest conversations, we have maintained our core priorities.


Together with marketing, we’ve also transformed our approach to product development.

Code optimization

We initiated an in-depth code review to improve the quality of MacKeeper’s code and reduce the memory usage of the app. We’re also migrating to Swift programming language from Objective C.

Antivirus enhancement

In order to achieve the ultimate level of cybersecurity for MacKeeper users, we’ve chosen a new antivirus for our app. Meet Bitdefender—a top-rated antivirus with an extremely high malware detection rate.

Anti-phishing team

We gathered a new Research & Development team to study phishing attacks and to come up with the best ways to defend our users from such issues.


From the beta version on a CD disk to a globally known app with 3M+ launches a month.

  • Privacy
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Performance

ID Theft Guard

We introduced this feature in 2019 to hunt down the ever-increasing issue of data breaches.

VPN Private Connect

Identity protection cannot be complete without a secure VPN connection. MacKeeper got its own in 2018.


Online ads distract users from the subject of a webpage and can affect one’s productivity. StopAd is here to prevent that.

Smart Uninstaller

Many app developers do not want you to find it easy to get rid of their products. That’s what Smart Uninstaller is for.

Safe Cleanup

Digital declutters can be just as stressful as real-life ones. Safe Cleanup helps to make deleting files truly worry-free.

Duplicate Finder

Since MacKeeper 1, Duplicate Finder has helped users get rid of unwanted copies of their files.


Antivirus has always been the very essence of MacKeeper, and we’ve been improving it ever since. For example, it’s real-time now.

Adware Cleaner

Adware can affect how well your Mac works to the point where you start wishing for a new one. Or just clean it away with Adware Cleaner.

Memory Cleaner

Storage space is the currency of the 21st century. Memory Cleaner, added in 2015, allows our users to free up this valuable commodity.

Login Items

Speed up your startup time by stopping unnecessary apps launching while your Mac’s waking up.

Update Tracker

Apps get automatically updated to make them work better. Update Tracker makes sure you only use the newest versions of everything.

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