MacKeeper vs CCleaner: Which One Should You Choose for Your Mac?

Both MacKeeper and CCleaner are veterans of the Mac-cleaning and optimization world. And they’re both great if you want to clear out junk files and free up disk space on your Mac. But there are some major differences too, including the fact that one of them is much, much more than just a cleaning tool. Keep reading to find out more.

Before we start:


Though our guide is a comprehensive comparison of the most popular cleaning solutions on the market, soon you’ll see the competitive advantage of the MacKeeper app. So, not to waste your time, try out our cleaning suite for free today:

  1. Download MacKeeper and launch the app.
  2. Find out the Cleaning header on the left and start with Safe Cleanup—that’s the principal cleaning tool to brush up your Mac. Start the scan.
  3. After the scan is complete, select the particular items to be deleted from your computer or remove them all by clicking on the Clean Junk Files option.
  4. Enjoy the clutter-free user experience.

MacKeeper vs CCleaner

  • An all-in-one utility for Macs, covering security, privacy, performance, cleaning and more.
  • Scores highly for its anti-malware abilities.
  • Premium support services can be added for help with almost any issue.
  • Ad and online tracker blocking for safer web browsing.
  • VPN service included as standard.
  • Finds large files easily.
  • Can securely delete the free space on your hard disk, so sensitive data can’t be recovered from it.
  • Customizable cleaning, so you can choose what counts as junk.
  • Low cost.


People choose product forAll-round protection, maintenance and optimization for your Mac.Basic cleaning and disk space management, or customized cleaning.
Pricestarting from $71.40/yearstarting at $24.95/year

Feature comparison

Cleaning Tools

Both CCleaner and MacKeeper offer multiple cleaning functions, and they both include duplicate finders. But there are some differences. CCleaner doesn’t scan for mail attachments, which MacKeeper does. MacKeeper, meanwhile, doesn’t offer the kind of custom cleaning options that CCleaner does.

Mail Attachments
App Uninstaller
Duplicates Finder
Custom Folder Cleanup

Security & Privacy

This is where we begin to see CCleaner’s limitations. It’s primarily a cleaning and optimization tool, so it has almost no security and privacy functions. MacKeeper, in contrast, offers not only antivirus, but also ID theft protection, a VPN service and more. In CCleaner’s defence, its ability to erase free space is something that MacKeeper doesn’t include, and it’s potentially very useful.

Adware Removal
Ad Blocking
ID Theft Protection
Erase Free Space

Performance optimization

CCleaner’s large file finder is a handy way to quickly find big files all over your Mac, and it’s a feature that MacKeeper doesn’t have. But MacKeeper offers an update tracker and a memory cleaner, which can help to boost your Mac’s performance even more.

Large File Finder
Login Item Manager
Update Tracker
Memory Cleaner

Certifications & Support

MacKeeper’s security abilities have been recognised by several industry bodies. This doesn’t apply to CCleaner, largely because it doesn’t really set out to be a security tool. Similarly, MacKeeper can be enhanced with the Premium Services add-on, but this is beyond the scope of CCleaner.

Apple Notarized
AppEsteem Certified
AV-TEST Certified
24/7 Live Chat
Premium Services Add-on

What makes MacKeeper Great

All-in-one power

MacKeeper goes far beyond Mac cleaning. It’s a complete solution for optimizing, cleaning and protecting your Mac. It includes powerful antivirus and adware removal, as well as the ability to block ads and trackers in web browsers.


As if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a VPN service and online ID protection — both features that other apps charge for separately. With MacKeeper, everything is included for one price.

Recognised security ability

When independently assessed by AV-Test, MacKeeper scored maximum points for Protection, Performance and Usability. It found 99.7% of threats. This level of protection is likely thanks to the work of the MacKeeper Anti-malware Lab, a team of cybersecurity experts, software engineers, malware hunters and data analysts. As well as their own ongoing analysis, they welcome community submissions, which can help to build an up-to-date picture of emerging threats.

Premium Support

MacKeeper has an interesting tech support package called Premium Services. It doesn’t just cover the MacKeeper Mac or even just Macs. Premium Services is tech support for practically any device you might own. That includes Windows PCs, smart devices, wearable tech, phones, network equipment — and pretty much anything else you can think of.


It’s important to note, though, that Premium Services isn’t part of the standard MacKeeper subscription. It’s a separate subscription starting from $25/month. If you struggle with technology, it might be well worth the cost.

What makes CCleaner stand out?

Find big files fast

CCleaner’s Large File Finder feature is perfect if you’re trying to clear up some disk space. You can easily specify the size of files you want to look for, so you can narrow down your search, without being slowed down by stuff you don’t care about.

Properly delete data

When you normally delete files, they can still be recovered using recovery software. That can be a major security risk. CCleaner’s Free Space Cleaner has the ability to securely wipe the free space on your system drive, leaving your important data intact.


It offers three secure delete options: Zero Out, 7-Pass Erase and 35-Pass Erase. These all delete free space better than macOS does by default.

Configurable duplicate finding

You can just set CCleaner’s Duplicate Finder to find every duplicate file on your Mac, but you don’t have to. It lets you specify both minimum and maximum sizes to ignore as well. And you can limit the search only to user folders. That can help you to limit your search only to big duplicates that are wasting the most space.

Customizable cleaning

What if you want to scan for file types that aren’t normally considered junk? You can do that with CCleaner’s Custom Files and Folders option. Enable it, then head into the settings, and you can specify other file types to search for, as well as where to search for them.

Give your Mac a boost with MacKeeper

Try out MacKeeper now, and discover what it can do. From cleaning and performance to security and privacy, it’s everything your Mac needs.

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