Minimalistic Decorations for Your Mac: MacBook Stickers and Decals

Although Macbooks (as well as other Apple products) are masterpieces as they are, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be improved with a dose of personal embellishment or element of cool. And some people opt to use decals and stickers to personalize the look of their Macs.


Before you recoil at the thought of some ugly stickers and decals ruining the perfect look of your MacBook, let us assure you: not all of them are ugly. We've searched the universe (ok, just the Internet) and found MacBook decorations for those who do not normally decorate their devices. In other words, we found MacBook decals and stickers that are noticeable enough to make your Mac look like one-of-a-kind yet minimalistic enough to not annoy you.


Meet our selection of the 10 most beautiful minimalistic decorations for your MacBook.

Pixar Lamp Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

If you're a fan of Steve Jobs, you probably adore Pixar too. If so, you will most certainly recognize this famous lamp. Why not make it a part of your MacBook's look?


Fruit Collection Partial Cover Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

This one might be a little trivial, but it is still eye-catching. Plus, you can use it as a reminder to eat more fruits. Why not make your MacBook a partner in a healthy diet?


Harry Potter-inspired Decals for Macbook Air/Macbook Pro

This one is for the hardcore, Mac-loving fans of Harry Potter.


Cat Hugging Apple's Logo Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

Put it on your Mac and people will never ask you if you're a cat or dog person again.


Cute Penguin Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

MacBook was designed to look stylish and classy, this decal was designed to make your Mac look like pure cuteness. Use it as a weapon against your edgy boss. Think about it. Who would dare to snap at an employee who's sitting in front of a penguin Mac?


Polaroid Picture Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

For some, Polaroid in photography is what Apple is to computers. Put a Polaroid decal on your Mac to get a combo effect. Bonus points for the OutKast reference.


Mountain Climber Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

Tell the world you're into extreme sports. Alternatively, this decal can symbolize climbing your own "mountain" on a way to your biggest dream. Whatever it means for you, one thing is clear, this minimalistic MacBook decoration looks stunning.


Pack of Apple Juice Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

Another idea on a fruit theme. This time, more hipster-like.


Anonymous Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

According to Google, this apple-headed suit symbolizes privacy. According to the unprofessional opinion of our team, this apple-headed suit symbolizes an apple-headed suit. Anyway, it looks cool. Plus, track down a bowler hat decal and you’ve got yourself a classy nod to The Son of Man.


Beatles Decal for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro

Melomaniacs of the world, can you guess the album? Even if you can't, you will most certainly agree that this MacBook decal is beyond cool.


Do you still think that stickers are for teenagers? Stickers and decays are a good way to add personality to your device and the best part is that they can be removed or changed at any given moment.


Do you decorate your Mac? Or do you prefer to keep it as it is?

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