Policies and Procedures

We’re committed to keeping your data secure, your private information private, and being transparent about our practices as a business.

Data Protection Made Simple

Everything we do has a sole purpose — to protect the security of Mac users worldwide. We develop security products and services to keep millions of Mac users safe. And we report data breaches so giant tech companies can better protect their users’ data. We are Clario, and we fully respect your right to privacy.

New data protection standards

Starting from May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. This law places new obligations on companies processing the personal data of EU citizens. Being a worldwide security company, Clario has worked hard to bring full transparency to its policies.

We respect your privacy

Clario will use only the minimum personal data required to enable the functionality and improve our products or services. We always ask your permission for personal data like email and you can manage your preferences anytime. We may also offer you personalized recommendations and special deals for a better Mac experience. The fact that we’re using non-personal data for this doesn’t affect your right to opt out.

Our updated Privacy Notice and Terms & Conditions clearly outline the reasons and types of data Clario uses.

Your data belongs only to you

As a security company, Clario highly values your privacy. Our deep research of data collection has resulted in privacy improvements like data minimization. Finally, we guarantee we don’t sell or rent the personal records of our customers to anyone.

Your data, your rules

Clario has always worked hard on policies that meet the highest data protection standards. We offer transparency by giving more controls over your privacy through your account. Starting from May 25, 2018, you’ll be able to use your account to:

  • Review and manage your privacy settings and permissions.
  • Request the copy of all your Clario data.
  • Request the removal of all your data Clario stores.

Your data security is our highest priority

Security is not just a word for a company developing security software. Clario stores personal records of its customers on Amazon Web Services. This is one of the most secure and reliable cloud platforms known worldwide. We’re also protecting your data with multiple layers of security to make sure your data stays private while being transferred online.

For more details, feel free to check our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support via email.


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