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Protect Your Mac with MacKeeper this Cybersecurity Season

Did you know? 45% of Mac users said that they don't do enough to protect themselves from cyber threats. That’s nearly half of users. Your data is a hot commodity on the dark web, and bad actors and hackers are constantly on the lookout for security loopholes to get their hands on it.


This Cybersecurity Care Season, we at MacKeeper would like to remind you about the importance of cyberawareness, no matter what you use your computer for.

When is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) occurs in October. The campaign was introduced by the US government in 2004 to help organizations and online communities raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. This year (2023), the theme is online safety, which aims to highlight the actions we should all take to stay safe daily.


Take the cybersecurity quiz below to see how secure you are online—the results might shock you.

Cyber awareness challenge

Self check. Are you safe online? Take the quick cybersecurity quiz to find out.


Choose the most appropriate statements that apply for the following questions:


1. How often do you buy online?

  • Rarely (about once a month)
  • Regularly (3-4 times monthly)
  • Often (1-2 times weekly)

2. Where do you save your passwords?

  • On a dedicated app
  • In my browser
  • In my Notes app
  • In my mind

3. Do you use the same passwords or different ones?

  • I use strong, unique passwords
  • I use the same passwords across different services

4. How do you use public Wi-Fi?

  • The same way as a private Wi-Fi
  • I use a VPN
  • A bit of both

5. Where do you download apps from?

  • From official sources (the App Store)
  • From torrent websites
  • From links in my emails
  • From the text messages I receive

6. How often do you change your online passwords?

  • Whenever I forget them
  • Once or twice a year
  • I never change my passwords

Results based on your answers:

  • High risk

Your Mac could be hacked anytime now


You’re either barely protecting your Mac or not at all. In essence, you’re making it easy for hackers to get into your device. Start taking the steps to protect your Mac today—use MacKeeper's Antivirus and real-time protection to manage threats like viruses and malware on your device. Get 40% off your MacKeeper subscription as a special monthly offer.

  • Some risk

Your Mac is vulnerable


While you have computer security awareness and knowledge about best practices, that hasn’t quite translated to how you treat your Mac. Our online activities affect our Mac’s security. Amp up the protection to shield your device from threats with MacKeeper's ID Theft Guard and 24/7 Data breach monitor. This month you can get 40% off your MacKeeper subscription, so hurry up.

  • All good

You’re doing a good job


You’re showing your Mac the love it deserves and making it nearly impenetrable to hackers. Use MacKeeper’s VPN Private Connect to hide your real IP address and avoid anyone tracking your online behavior. Get 40% off your MacKeeper subscription if you’re buying the app now.

  • Excellent

You love your Mac—prevent ads now


If your Mac could talk, it would say thank you. You go above and beyond to keep it safe from hackers and bad actors who can compromise it. Get 40% off your MacKeeper subscription when you subscribe this month. Use its Adware Cleaner to identify and get rid of malicious software that can steal your data.

The most common ways you can catch a virus online

There are plenty of ways you can catch a computer or mobile phone virus online. We’ve listed the most common scenarios below:

  • Clicking on unknown links. To steer clear of malicious links, delete emails with suspicious links from unknown senders or block the sender
  • Downloading attachments from unknown senders. Whether it’s via email or text, downloading suspicious or unknown attachments can land you in hot water
  • Unknowingly giving access to your microphone and camera. People often grant apps access to their Mac’s microphone and camera without noticing or stopping to consider the implications
  • Fake cybersecurity warnings. Many malicious apps pose as legitimate apps, trying to warn you that your Mac is at risk, but it’s a trap.

How MacKeeper help you stay safe online

Between receiving texts and emails, using social networking sites, and browsing online, you spend a lot of your time on the internet. And if you don’t protect your devices, you do yourself a disservice. Information security awareness should be everyone’s top priority. You must get an app that covers your key cybersecurity needs in one nifty solution to avoid juggling apps and cluttering your device. That’s what MacKeeper is for.


Here’s how MacKeeper’s cybersecurity solutions help you look after your Mac:

  • Antivirus helps protect your Mac from viruses and malware that can give hackers a window to enter and compromise it. It scans your files to ensure they don’t contain risks—both existing and downloaded ones
  • VPN Private Connect allows you to connect to the internet anonymously to keep hackers, bad actors, and internet service providers (ISPs) off your trail. It masks your real IP address and connects you to a server located elsewhere
  • ID Theft Guard is a data breach monitor that scans the dark web for data dumps or lists containing your email address. The trick is it works around the clock, which is important to identify breaches quickly
  • Adware Cleaner identifies and removes advertising software from your Mac to preclude annoying ads and webpages opened without your permission. Keeping it enabled to let it scan for malicious items around the clock and notify you if needed.

All of this helps you avoid the risk of exposing your Mac to hackers and bad actors who wouldn’t think twice about breaching it. Get MacKeeper to protect your Mac today.

Perks you’ll get with MacKeeper

  • 24/7 protection against viruses, malware, and data breaches
  • Protection from identity theft
  • A cleaner, more optimized Mac
  • A faster Mac
  • A smoother experience on your Mac
  • Expert in-app support
  • Clean disk space
  • No annoying ads and pop-ups
  • AppEsteem-certified.

Treat your Mac like the prized possession it is. Download MacKeeper.

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