Aya Masango

Aya is a freelance writer with a passion for life. When she isn't typing away, she's thinking about new business opportunities. Most productive when working in bed.

Sandton, South Africa



BCom (Hons) Marketing Management – University of KwaZulu-Natal

BSocSci Marketing/Management and Media & Cultural Studies – University of KwaZulu-Natal






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Aya’s wealth of experience reflects her ability to connect, adapt, and grow. She’s been privileged to work with international clients across various industries. Her colorful experience is a testament to her curiosity and appreciation of different cultures.


Aya’s love for words began as a little girl at home, where her mother instilled a reading culture. Aya’s mom had monthly book subscriptions set up, so she always had new books to read. Her parents kept novels, encyclopedias, and world globes in the home. This sparked Aya’s curiosity about the world and words—how they can create beautiful stories and help people better understand concepts and the world. More importantly, it gave her a deeper understanding of the nuances of language and honed her writing and editing skills.


At school, Aya’s teachers identified, nurtured, and encouraged her writing gift. This meant her talent was nurtured on all fronts as a child. The seeds planted by Aya’s parents and teachers have birthed a satisfying copywriting career. While Aya didn’t intend to become a copywriter, her resolve to be independent led her there.


She’s grateful to be a freelance writer at MacKeeper, as that gives her complete control over her time so that she can be present in all areas of her life. Aya strongly believes that work shouldn’t consume your life and take you away from your loved ones. Instead, it should enhance your life and help you make a meaningful contribution to the world.


Aya’s work enables her to learn something new daily, keep up with industry trends and developments, and connect with incredible people from all walks of life. She considers herself blessed to be part of such an exciting and burgeoning field that aligns with her passions and lifestyle. If Aya's journey so far is anything to go by, the future looks bright and promising.

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