The Best Free and Paid Alternatives to CleanMyMac

Made by the Ukrainian software developer MacPaw, CleanMyMac X is one of the most well-known cleaning, optimization, and security apps for Mac. It offers a rich variety of different tools, including antivirus, a file shredder, and a junk remover.  


But it also has some limitations, which make it worth thinking about CleanMyMac alternatives. For instance, it doesn’t offer a VPN client or duplicate finder, which you get in with some of its competitors. There are also free alternatives to CleanMyMac that offer some, but not all, of its features.


Which one is right for you? Find out by reading our detailed comparison guide—our experts have already checked the most popular cleaning solutions for you to know the difference.


Before we start


Are you in search for better, more multi-purpose, or cheaper cleaning solution for your Apple computer? Wish to be less cluttered with redundant files and smoother in performance? Check MacKeeper’s cleaning toolkit and start getting rid of the unnecessary files with MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup: 

  1. Download MacKeeper
  2. Open the app and find the Safe Cleanup feature on the left
  3. Click to Start Scan to check the current situation with cluttering your device
  4. Tick the boxes you want to clean and choose Remove or do the cleaning job with one by clicking on Remove Selected.

CleanMyMac X alternatives

There are many alternatives for CleanMyMac, but here are some of the best:

1. MacKeeper

Like CleanMyMac, MacKeeper is an all-in-one utility for Mac users, offering a selection of tools for cleaning, security, and optimization. There’s a fair amount of overlap in functionality, but each of them also has features that the other doesn’t.  


Both offer antivirus, junk file cleaning, app management, and a memory cleaner, for example. But CleanMyMac gives you a wider range of maintenance tools, a large and old file remover, a file shredder to securely delete files, and Space Lens — which creates a visual map of your Mac disk space.  

The Memory Cleaner tool is opened and lauched in MacKeeper as one of the cleaning functions that are available within the app. You can see its result shown to the user, with the indication of occupied and available memory on the device.
In contrast, you can now see the CleanMyMac app shown with the similar maintenance tool called Free Up RAM. That’s is done for you to compare the competitive cleaning apps and decide which interface and range of tools you like more.

While MacKeeper doesn’t offer these features, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it a great alternative to CleanMyMac. As well as keeping your apps up to date, it has a Duplicate Finder that will find unnecessary copies of files, as well as images that look similar to each other. Its ID Theft Guard lets you know if your email addresses are affected by data breaches. And it includes a full VPN client as part of its subscription.  

The Safe Cleanup feature is opened and lauched in MacKeeper for you to get acquainted with the central cleaning tool in the app. You see the result of scanning and the amount of junk files found on the Mac and recommended for deletion.
The similar cleaning checkup is now made with the help of CleanMyMac’s System Junk feature, which cover the sum of user cache files, system logs, and other junk files that should be removed to clear up the system.

Comparing their cleaning functions, CleanMyMac suggested 5.02GB of junk files to remove, while MacKeeper came back with 3.28GB. Each app selected different types of files, however. And while CleanMyMac suggested clearing our 3.63GB of Spotify cache, MacKeeper skipped over it. Because of these differences, making a direct comparison is difficult, but both apps did a good job.  


Price: From $10.95 per month


Official website:



Includes a full VPN client

Fewer maintenance tools

Duplicates finder

No disk space visualization

Extra privacy features


2. CCleaner

For a long time, CCleaner was a Windows-only app, and it built up a strong reputation on that platform. It did have some security issues at one point, but with those in the past, this Mac version is definitely worth considering as a CleanMyMac alternative.  

The CCleaner’s Windows version shows the home screen to the new users after they’ve downloaded, installed, and opened the app. Still, you already can see the list of in-built features of the app and ways to upgrade it.
The CCleaner’s macOS version demonstrates the notable difference in interface and user experience coming from the app usage. You see the home screen and all the features of the cleaning product.

Although CCleaner does have a paid version, a lot of its functionality is included in the free version. You can find and clean junk files, as well as duplicate files. You can also manage installed apps, clean out browser caches, and manage your startup items. Without a Professional subscription, you can look for bad photos but you can’t remove any of them.  


This is a fairly limited feature set and doesn’t really compete with CleanMyMac. But if you’re looking for a free CleanMyMac alternative, then CCleaner should be on your list of options.  

The cleaning scan is now complete with the help of CCleaner, and the user can access the final result—the amount of clutter found with the specification on how it’s disturbed among different file categories.

In our test, the CCleaner file cleaner suggested we clear out 6.84GB of junk. Like CleanMyMac, this included our Spotify cache.  


Upgrading to Professional costs $29.95 a year. That’s not bad, but CleanMyMac starts from $39.95 a year, and it offers many more features.  


Price: Free or $29.95 a year for Professional


Official website:



Free version includes most features

No antivirus ability

Cheap paid upgrade

Paid version doesn’t do much more

3. GrandPerspective

GrandPerspective only does one thing: it creates a visual map of your disk drive contents, so you can quickly see what is on your Mac and how much space it’s taking up. That makes it an alternative to CleanMyMac’s Space Lens feature, but with one big difference — it’s completely free. (You also buy it for $2.99 from the App Store.)

If you’re in love with CleanMyMac’s Space Lens feature, then you’d better consider using the GrandPerspective app available at the official site or the App Store. Look at how it differs from CleanMyMac.
To help you compare the two tools in terms of the Space Lens feature, let us remind you what it looks like in the CleanMyMac app.

There are other apps that do the same thing, some free and some not, but GrandPerspective works well. Simply choose a folder or disk to scan, and it'll build an image made of different sized blocks, each representing a file or folder. From there, you can open or delete anything, or get more information.


In comparison, Space Lens is much more attractive. It presents you with a list of files and folders, plus a visual representation made up of different sized circles. Clicking on these circles lets you drill down further into folders and learn more about individual files.  

GrandPerspective’s context menu appeared as a separate window over the main screen for the user to see the available options on how to benefit from the app’s Space Lens feature.
Now, you can see CleanMyMac’s Space Lens feature in its process of usage. Here’s the list of the folders that can be opened in Finder to find the required file and do the further maniplations with its contents.

This is much more intuitive and easy to read than GrandPerspective. GrandPerspective simply can’t compete with this level of professional development and polish. If it’s the only feature you’re interested in, though, and if you want to save money, GrandPerspective is still a great free CleanMyMac alternative.  


Price: Free


Official website:



Available for free

Only does thing

Lets you easily clear up disk space

Not as easy to use as Space Lens


Ugly visual design

4. Cleaner One Pro

Cleaner One Pro is another multi-purpose utility, offering a broad range of features. The main similarities with CleanMyMac are a junk file cleaner, a big file finder, a visual disk map, and a file shredder.  

Get familiar with the Cleaner One Pro functionality and its Junk Files feature at one glance. After the scan is complete, you can tick the necessary boxes that should be deleted and click Remove.
CleanMyMac’s scanning is completed, and now you can see the result in the System Junk window. By selecting the boxes on the left, you define which amount of the junk files found on the device will be deleted from it.

But CleanMyMac has many more features, including a collection of maintenance tools, antivirus, mail attachment removal, and antivirus. You can add various features to Cleaner One Pro, including a VPN and antivirus. Technically, these are free, but the VPN isn’t limited and you can’t delete malware without separate subscriptions for these services.  


The Cleaner One Pro junk cleaner suggested we clean 1.17GB of files in our test. That didn’t include our Spotify cache, so the result was actually fairly similar to CleanMyMac with that taken into account.  

The Cleaner One Pro has another feature you may enjoy in terms of clearing your Mac. It’s Disk Map, which allows you to easily find the app cache and remove it with a couple of clicks.
The same can be done within the CleanMyMac’s app. However, here, you don’t have a separate feature for it. Instead, go to the Space Lens section on the left and check the app you feel suspicious about leaving a lot of cached files on your laptop.

The Disk Map is similar to Space Lens, but it doesn’t work as well and isn’t as easy to read. We had a similar result comparing Cleaner One Pro’s Big Files feature with CleanMyMac’s Large & Old Files feature. They both have plenty of large files, but CleanMyMac also lets us sort them by type and the last time they were accessed.  


In its favor, Cleaner One Pro includes a duplicate file finder and the ability to find similar photos - neither of which CleanMyMac does. It’s also much cheaper, starting from $19.99 per month.  


Price: From $19.99


Official website



Not badly priced

VPN and antivirus are limited without paying more

Duplicates finder

Disk visualization not as easy to use

5. Disk Doctor Pro

There are two versions of this app: Disk Doctor and Disk Doctor Pro. Both of them are one-off purchases from the App Store, but Disk Doctor only costs $2.99 and has a much more limited feature set. The Pro version lets you scan for more types of junk to remove and has a more intuitive user interface, but their functionality is largely the same — they let you search for and delete files that you probably don’t need to keep.  

Disk Doctor Pro’s scan result is now showing you the application caches, logs, leftovers, and many other categories of unnecessary files that can occupy space on your Mac and which should be deleted.
You can also search for the user cache files with the help of CleanMyMac’s System Junk feature. The result of scanning will also divide the information with the categories, which are the different junk types.

While all the other cleaning apps here automatically selected a list of suggested files to remove, Disk Doctor Pro doesn’t do that. It found 27.33GB of potential files to remove, 3.66GB of which was application cache, including our Spotify cache.

Application cache is another popular type of cache left on your computer after installing the new software. As you can often forget to delete it, Dick Doctor Pro can help you to remove it if opening its Inteller Packages section.
One more cache type to be mentioned is unused images, and CleanMyMac’s System Junk feature allows you to get rid of it easily. After the scan is done, you’ll see the Unused Disk Images as one the boxes on the left.

Once you’ve completed a scan, you can select categories and individual files to include. Then it’s simply a matter of clicking Remove Selected Files to delete everything you’ve selected.  


Disk Doctor is easy to use and affordable, but it doesn’t offer any features beyond cleaning. If that’s all you want, it’s a decent, low-cost alternative to CleanMyMac.  


Price: $9.99

Official website



Cheap, one-off price

No security or privacy features  

Cleans lots of different types of data

Pro version doesn’t do much more than cheaper version

Which CleanMyMac alternative is right for you?

It largely depends on what features you need and how much you want to spend. If your budget is tight, there are cheap or even free alternatives to CleanMyMac, but they don’t offer anywhere near the same level of functionality.  


If you want security, optimization or privacy features, solutions like MacKeeper and CleanerOne Pro are better alternatives, but again you should pay attention to their features lists. Each one of them has features you won’t find in the others. If you want antivirus, for example, both CleanMyMac and MacKeeper include it as standard, but CleanerOne Pro doesn’t. And MacKeeper is the only app that includes an unlimited VPN client as standard. 


Many of these apps offer free trials or free versions, so it’s worth checking them all out before you make a decision.  

CleanMyMac’s Cleanup Log is opened to show the user the latest cleaning operations done and the space freed up as the result.
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