DaisyDisk Alternatives

Have you ever found your Mac is running short of disk space? If so, a cleaning tool like DaisyDisk can be exactly what you need, letting you quickly identify large files and folders, so you can delete anything you don't need. Learn more in our DaisyDisk review.


But what if you want a good DaisyDisk alternative for Mac? You’re in luck—keep on reading, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.


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Cleaning up your Mac? Try MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup feature, and rid your Mac of junk data, including overloaded caches and needless log files.


Here’s how to use Safe Cleanup:

  1. Select Safe Cleanup in the MacKeeper app.
  2. Click Start Scan and wait until the scan is done.
  3. Select what you want to remove and click Clean Junk Files.
  4. Click Skip Trash or Empty Trash.

MacKeeper will now clear out all that junk, giving you a nice chunk of free disk space. Sound good? Then give MacKeeper a try today.

What programs are alternatives to DaisyDisk?

There are many programs like DaisyDisk that let you find and delete unneeded data from your Mac. Here are eight of the top DaisyDisk alternatives:



Minimum spec    

Disk space visualizer

Automatic junk cleaning

MacKeeperClario Tech DMCCmacOS 10.13+NoYes
CleanMyMac XMacPawmacOS 10.13+YesYes
Disk Space AnalyzerNektonymacOS 10.13+YesNo
Disk DrillCleverFilemacOS 10.15+NoYes
GrandPerspective                    Erwin BonsmamacOS 10.11+YesNo
Disk Inventory XTjark DerlienmacOS 10.13+YesNo
OmniDiskSweeper                           The Omni GroupmacOS 10.13+NoNo
Disk XrayNaarak StudiomacOS 10.13+YesYes

1. MacKeeper by Clario Tech DMCC

MacKeeper’s main cleaning tool is Safe Cleanup, but it also has Duplicates Finder and Smart Uninstaller.

Running MacKeeper's Safe Cleanup feature will let you quickly find and delete unwanted junk files from your Mac, including cached data.
MacKeeper's Safe Cleanup feature

Key features of MacKeeper:

  • Safe Cleanup
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Smart Uninstaller
  • Antivirus
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Update Tracker
  • ID Theft Guard
  • VPN Private Connect
  • Stop Ad


12-month plan (1 Mac)$5.57 per month ($66.78 billed annually)
12-month plan (3 Macs)$5.97 per month ($71.64 billed annually)
1-month plan (1 Mac)$10.95 per month

Pros and cons



Automatic junk cleanupDoesn’t have a disk space visualizer
Finds similar photos and other file duplicates 
Security, privacy, and optimization tools 

2. CleanMyMac X by MacPaw

CleanMyMac X cleans system junk, but it has other cleaning tools including Space Lens, which works a lot like DaisyDisk.

With CleanMyMac X, you can scan for and delete a wide variety of system junk. It also has a feature similar to DaisyDisk, called Space Lens.
The System Junk feature in CleanMyMac X

Key features of CleanMyMac:

  • System Junk
  • Mail Attachments
  • Trash Bins
  • Malware Removal
  • Uninstaller
  • Extensions
  • Space Lens
  • Large & Old Files


12-month plan (1 Mac)$34.95
12-month plan (2 Mac)$54.95
12-month plan (5 Mac)$79.95
One-time purchase (1 Mac)$89.95
One-time purchase (2 Mac)$134.95
One-time purchase (5 Mac)$199.95

Pros and cons



Space Lens disk space visualizerNo monthly pricing option
Security and optimization tools 
Automatically find and remove junk 

3. Disk Space Analyzer by Nektony

Similar to DaisyDisk, Disk Space Analyzer lets you see a visual representation of your Mac’s storage.

Disk Space Analyzer from Nektony works a lot like DaisyDisk, giving you a colorful, graphic representation of our Mac's storage.
Disk Space Analyzer in action

Key features of Disk Space Analyzer:

  • Scanning of disk space
  • Adding favorite folders
  • Seeing the biggest files
  • Deleting purgeable space


1-month plan (1 Mac)$4.95 per month
1-month plan (2 Mac)$7.95 per month
1-month plan (5 Mac)$12.95 per month
12-month plan (1 Mac)$9.95 per year
12-month plan (2 Mac)$14.95 per year
12-month plan (5 Mac)$25.95 per year

Pros and cons



Easily finds the biggest filesVery limited features
Scans favorite foldersExpensive for what it does
Clears visualization of disk space 

4. Disk Drill by CleverFiles

Disk Drill’s main function is to recover data, but it also comes with a selection of cleaning tools, including Clean Up.

In Disk Drill, you can use the Clean Up feature to rapidly search your Mac's storage for unwanted data that you can safely delete.
Disk Drill has a feature called Clean Up

Key features of Disk Drill:

  • Data Recovery
  • Clean Up
  • Find Duplicates
  • macOS Installer
  • Byte-to-byte Backup
  • Data Shredder
  • Erase Free Space


Basic versionFree
Pro version (1 user, 3 activations, and unlimited data recovery)$89
Enterprise version (10 users, unlimited activations, unlimited data recovery)$499   

Pros and cons



Finds large, medium, and small files to removeNo antivirus
Data recovery featuresLimited cleanup functionality
Securely erase free space 

5. GrandPerspective from Erwin Bonsma

GrandPerspective is completely free of charge and open source. It works in a similar way to DaisyDisk.

GrandPerspective is a free and open source app that gives you a visual representation of your Mac's disk space, much like DaisyDisk.
GrandPerspective is open source and free

Key features of GrandPerspective:

  • Scans internal drives, external drives, and folders
  • Deletes files
  • Previews results
  • Opens with Finder
  • Navigates up or down folder levels


Website downloadFree
App Store version$2.99

Pros and cons



Available for freeNo other extra features
Quickly and easily finds large filesNot as intuitive as other similar apps
 Outdated interface

6. Disk Inventory X by Tjark Derlien

DiskInventory X is another open-source disk space visualizer, this time inspired by the Windows app WinDirStat.

Disk Inventory X is inspired by the Windows app WinDirStat, and it has a very similar-looking user interface.
Disk Inventory X is also free and open source

Key features of Disk Inverntory X:

  • Scanning of internal drives, external drives, and folders
  • Deleting files


Disk Inventory X is completely free. There are no paid versions.

Pros and cons



Completely freeNo automatic deleting
Easily sees what’s taking up spaceOutdated interface

7. OmniDiskSweeper from the Omni Group

Similar to DaisyDisk, OmniDiskSweeper lets you quickly find large files and delete them, but it uses a text list rather than a graphical representation.

Key features of OmniDiskSweeper:

  • Sees large files
  • Sends files to Trash
  • Opens files in Finder


OmniDiskSweeper is freeware, so there’s no pricing to mention.

Pros and cons



Quickly finds large files on your MacVery basic, text-based interface
Is completely free to download and useManually deleting of files

8. Disk Xray by Naarak Studio

Disk Xray offers a small selection of cleaning tools for Mac. They include a Cleanup function to remove temporary files and a disk space analyzer called Scanner.

Using the Cleanup tool in Disk Xray, you can find and delete a variety of large files, application caches, and more - all within a couple of clicks.
Disk Xray's Cleanup tool is one of four

Key features of Disk Xray:

  • Uninstaller
  • Scanner
  • Duplicates finder
  • Cleanup


Single user license (one-time purchase, all home Macs)$14.95
Small business license (one-time, 5 Macs)$49.95
Site license (unlimited Macs per business site)$99.95

Pros and cons



One-time purchase for users and businessesLimited feature set
Automatically deletes junk dataNo security features
 Disk space visualizer is difficult to interpret

Built-in Mac analyzer tool

macOS comes with its own storage management tools. Here’s how to use them to clear up some disk space on your Apple computer:

  1. Open System Settings and select General > Storage.
  2. Scroll through the list, and click the i icon next to one of the items to allow you to carry out actions that clean your Mac’s storage.
  3. Click Documents, as an example, then click Large Files, select an item, choose Delete, and confirm Delete once again.
Start by selecting 'General' in your Mac's System Settings. Then select 'Storage'. That's where you'll find your Mac's built-in storage tools.
Step 1. Go to System Settings > General > Storage
In the storage settings, click one of the 'i' icons in the list to find tools that let you manage that particular type of storage. Start, for example, with 'Documents'.
Step 2. Scroll down the list and click one of the i icons

Note from our experts: 


While the cleaning tools built into macOS are well worth exploring, they don’t do everything third-party apps can. In contrast, MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup will find unnecessary language files and remove them.

Using MacKeeper's Safe Cleanup feature, you can find and remove all kinds of unnecessary data, including used language files, which many programs will store on your Mac.

For information about the built-in tools, check out how to clear disk space on Mac.

Which DaisyDisk alternative is right for you?

DaisyDisk is a useful app, but if you’re looking for an alternative disk space visualizer, you should definitely check out GrandPerspective or Disk Inventory X. They’re not as intuitive, and they don’t scan cloud locations, but they work well and they’re completely free.


For more thorough, automatic cleaning, MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup could be the best Mac cleaner for you. It’ll find all kinds of unneeded data that you can safely delete from your Mac, and the monthly rolling deal means you can try it out risk-free.


*** This article is provided for informational purposes only. The content is intended to offer general information and shouldnʼt be considered a substitute for individualized guidance. The inclusion of commercial products doesnʼt constitute an endorsement, warranty, or guarantee of the products' performance. We donʼt assume liability for any decisions or actions taken by readers based on the information provided in this article, including those related to commercial products.

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