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The Most Popular Apple Aesthetics

We all take pride in our gadgets, and for many of us, the majority are made by Apple.


The brand offers lots of ways to personalize these devices, from their color to the cases, but which are the most popular Apple accessories and aesthetics?


In our blog, we’ve investigated all the latest Apple accessory looks and fashions currently searched for most on Amazon to uncover which have become the biggest sellers in recent months. Remember, you don’t have to upgrade your device for it to be “up to date”. Instead, finding the right accessories will mean you’re always on trend.


So, go with the most sought-after choice next time you buy, or use our findings to make sure you’re going against the grain with your next Apple purchase.

The most popular Apple accessories overall

Not sure what aesthetic to choose or what accessory to buy next? We’ve used Amazon’s data to discover which colors and add-ons have been searched for the most over the past 12 months, as well those which have recently increased in popularity.

 most popular accessories infographic

The most searched-for Apple accessories

In the top spot are AirPods. In China alone, there have been 716,724 searches on Amazon for these accessories. The AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are also very popular around the world — but especially in China. Is there a reason these are so coveted at the moment? You’ll have to try them to find out…


The AirTag is next, with 78,614 searches for the device on Amazon in China alone. This accessory is designed to keep all your belongings safe, from your keys to your phone. If you’re prone to losing things then this could be a worthy investment.


Another very popular accessory is the HomePod Mini, again searched for the most in China, with 28,181 searches on Amazon. As Apple’s answer to the very popular Alexa, this small speaker delivers a big punch and has Siri built in, ready to play whatever you want to hear.

The Apple accessories that have grown the most in popularity

Search numbers don’t always tell the whole story. We also wanted to learn what accessories have grown in popularity over the last year. Using trend data, we were able to see the products to have experienced the biggest growth in searches during this time frame.


In the top spot is the MagSafe battery pack. This device allows you to easily charge your phone on the go, with unique magnet technology and a sleek design. It’s recently become very popular, so if there was ever a time to get one of these, it’s now.


The AirTag, as well as being one of the most-searched-for devices, is also the second highest trending Apple device on Amazon. More and more people are searching for these at the moment, so Apple users are clearly in need of help when it comes to keeping hold of their belongings.


Next up is a pink iPhone. The pink color is a recent addition to the Apple offering and is proving very popular among buyers — in one country especially. If you’re in Mexico, this is the country in which this color iPhone is searched for most.

The most popular iPhone aesthetics

Our phones are always with us, so many users like to personalize them to reflect their own personalities. This can be through cases, colors, or backgrounds — but which are the most popular among users at the moment?


The most popular iPhone case materials

Silicone cases are in high demand at the moment, with 1,138 searches on Amazon in the past 12 months in China — the country which searched for this case material the most. These cases are durable and come in an array of exciting colors and designs, so there’s plenty of options to choose from when personalizing your device.


Apple leather cases are also extremely popular, with 682 Amazon searches in the last 12 months in the USA alone. These cases, while on the pricier side, are sleek and durable, making them a great choice for your phone.

The most popular iPhone color

most popular iPhone color infographic

The pink iPhone is by far the most popular at the moment. In the last 12 months, users in the USA (the country where this is the most popular color) searched for these 4,435 times on Amazon. If you start seeing lots of pink iPhones around soon, then don’t be surprised.


The purple iPhone is also extremely popular. Again experiencing the most love in the USA, this color of the phone has been searched for 4,415 times in the last 12 months in this country alone, making it the second most popular color overall.


The red iPhone is next up. This collaboration with “Product (RED)” donates a portion of the proceeds of these red iPhones to a global fund fighting to combat HIV/AIDS and Covid-19. With the most searches (2,449) coming from China, this phone not only looks great but also helps a fantastic cause.

The most popular iPhone charging solution

The MagSafe charger is one of the most popular ways to charge your device at the moment, especially in the USA. People in this country have searched for this accessory 11,721 times in the last year, putting it at the top of our charging solution list.


The MagSafe battery pack is next, searched for 5,439 times in the last 12 months in China alone. This offers users enhanced convenience by giving you the ability to go even longer without having to plug in your phone.


In third place is the Apple power adaptor. Needed to plug the lightning cable into the wall, these are an essential item for Apple users, so it’s unsurprising that it’s one of the most popular products searched for. This is the most searched for in China, with 1,107 instances recorded in the last 12 months.

The most popular Mac components

There are numerous add-ons for Macs, many of which can make your life a lot easier. The most popular Mac component is the Magic Keyboard, which allows you to type with ease even when your computer is set further away. This is most popular in China, where it was searched for 23,671 times in the last 12 months.


In keeping with the ‘magic’ range, the Magic Mouse is in second place. Again, this offers a wireless way of controlling your Mac, making many setups much easier to use. This is also the most popular in China and was searched for on Amazon 12,253 times in the past year.


The final ‘magic’ device finishes off the top three. The Magic Trackpad is an alternative to a mouse that many people prefer due to its capabilities and shortcuts and is once again most popular in China. This device was searched for 4,063 times in the past 12 months, making it a very popular addition to the classic Mac setup.

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A list of Apple accessories was gathered from the site. Then a bulk search of the average search and trend on was collected to find the results of the most highly searched and trending products. This was within the list of countries available on KeywordTool.

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