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Revealed - The USA’s most searched for Apple tutorials

Whilst Apple continues to dominate the personal tech market, it seems it may take some time for their users to become au fait with all the new features and utilities of their brand new products.  


New research by MacKeeper has revealed the tutorials that Apple users turn to for help online. We can see the tutorials that US citizens are relying on for help with their iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks by using YouTube data.

iPhone users have no idea how to back up their data

The most turned-to tutorial by the majority of US states was how to back up files from their iPhone. Users from 32 states, including Alabama, Hawaii, New Jersey, South Carolina and Illinois, had ‘how to back up your iPhone’ as the most requested tutorial or how-to guide on YouTube. iPhone owners in Illinois have searched for help with this on YouTube as many as 9,900 times.

the most popular iphone tutorial

The process of backing up iPhones has changed as technology and the models have progressed. Whilst manual back-ups to computers or devices are mainly a thing of the past, it seems that backing up to the cloud has baffled enough users that they’re turning to online tutorials for help.

Californians, Georgians and Floridians struggle to unlock their iPhones

Whereas the majority of the USA were struggling to back up their iPhones, a large proportion of states seemed to be completely locked out of them altogether.

most popular tutorials by state

Apple users in California, Georgia, Florida and 13 other states took to YouTube to search for tutorials on how to unlock their locked iPhones. The most searches came from California, with a huge 40,500 searches for ‘how to unlock your iPhone’ - the most searches from any state on any query.

Screen recording, screenshots and hard resets are also baffling Americans

In addition, some of the second and third most searched for tutorials concerning iPhones were ‘how to screen record’, ‘how to screenshot’, and ‘how to reset’. With 18,100 searches for screen recording issues coming from California, 8,100 searches from Floridians needing to reset their iPhones, and 2,900 ‘how to screenshot’ queries from Virginia, these states seem to be struggling when it comes to the iPhone user interface.

Screenshotting on iPad seems to confuse all the US

screenshot on ipad

When looking at which tutorials people were searching for related to iPads, it’s clear that Apple could do with making how to screenshot on their tablet devices much clearer. The most searched for term in all 50 states of the US was ‘how to screenshot on iPad’. 6,600 searches have been made regarding this issue in Texas, 5,400 in New York, and 4,400 in Florida. It’s evidently a tricky thing to get the hang of.

Clearing cache is no easy task for the US

The other popular searches for tutorials involving iPads were ‘how to clear cache’, ‘how to print’, and ‘how to unlock’. Pennsylvanians have searched for how to clear their iPad’s cache 590 times, as have residents of Illinois. There have been 260 searches for ‘iPad how to print’ from Minnesota, and 1,300 ‘how to unlock iPad’ queries from Texas.

MacBook users in the US need help screenshotting and split screening

The biggest search trend by far for tutorials around the use of MacBooks is ‘how to screenshot’. This is the top query for every single state, with 18,100 searches in California, 2,400 searches in Michigan, 1,900 in Maryland, and 590 in Kansas. ‘How to split screen’ was unanimously the second most searched for Apple tutorial on Youtube, with 1,000 searches in New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Alabama bucks the trend for the third most searched-for Macbook tutorial

most popular macbook tutorial searches

Every state, apart from Alabama, has ‘how to update macOS on MacBook’ as their third most search-for MacBook tutorial. 480 searches came from Georgia, 590 from Massachusetts, and 170 from Utah. Alabama seems to have no trouble with this technical process, but does require help when it comes to zip files. Alabama has searched for zip file tutorials 30 times. Hopefully, they found what they were looking for.

The iMac attracts the most varied searches when it comes to tutorials

iMac users in the US seem to have an array of problems, with the most variety in YouTube tutorial searches of any Apple products. The most common top search is ‘how to screenshot’, which Californians have searched for 5,400 times, and the residents of Arizona 590 times.

most popular imac tutorial searches

New Jersey and Nevada’s top search is ‘how to uninstall programs on iMac’, with 1,300 and 320 searches respectively. Indiana finds recording videos tricky, with 320 searches, and West Virginians don’t seem to be able to  figure out how to turn on airdrop - or at least the people that did the 70 searches can’t.

Pasting, backing up phones, and uninstalling programs on iMacs are all highly searched-for tutorials

The second and third places for tutorial searches for iMacs seem to vary  state by state much more so than for other Apple devices. Uninstalling programs and backing up iPhones on the iMac are both very popular searches and we see a fairly even spread across the second most numerous searches of the states. Oregon searched for ‘how to uninstall programs’ 390 times, while 390 of Maryland’s searches were for backing up iPhones to computers.


With 210 searches, ‘how to paste on iMac’ is Indiana’s third most popular Apple tutorial search term. This also comes third in Georgia (590 searches), Arizona (320 searches), and Kentucky (140 searches). Other third place searches include ‘how to turn on airdrop on iMac’, with 210 searches from Missouri, and ‘how to update iMac’, with 90 hits from Hawaii.

West Virginia has the smallest difference between Apple-related searches and Microsoft related searches

When looking at the number of searches for specific products and tutorials surrounding them, we found that there were many more searches regarding Apple products than Microsoft products in all of the states. The smallest disparity was seen in West Virginia, in which 64.63% of the searches related to Apple, leaving 35.37% of searches being for Microsoft.


The largest difference in Apple and Microsoft searches was in New York, where a huge 80.29% of searches were Apple related, and only 19.71% related to Microsoft. New Jersey and California weren’t far behind, with 80.26% relating to Apple in both cases.  

What problems do you need help with?

You’re not alone if you find some aspects of technology difficult to keep up with. There are constant updates and improvements made to our everyday devices, and it can be easy to lose track. Luckily, MacKeeper has all the answers you could possibly need on our blog, including advice on how to stop your Mac overheating, how to select multiple files on a Mac, and even how to remove malware and viruses from your device. Whatever question you have, MacKeeper has the answer. 


By analyzing video search data on YouTube with, we looked at the top searched articles in each US state dependent on Apple products. Each state’s top three ‘how-to’ videos were used to calculate which issues Apple users were struggling with the most.

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