Alba Mora Antoja

Alba is a freelance writer from Barcelona, living her best life in London. A ‘90s kid, her first digital toy was a blue Nintendo Game Boy. Today, she loves everything tech.

London, United Kingdom


Degree in Journalism – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


  • Apple
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Software
  • Tech


After dreaming of becoming a teacher, a librarian, and even a detective, Alba found her calling at a very early age. She was going to be a journalist. A war correspondent, a football match commentator, or a radio host presenting the latest hits—she still didn’t know which type, but she was certainly going to be one.


A Journalism graduate, she moved to London in 2015 in search of new adventures. London represented the big, multicultural city she always saw herself living in. Alba has always believed in a society that treats everyone equally. As she grows older, she becomes more convinced that this is the only way forward for a fairer and just world.


The London dream took a bit of time and, after a few years of dabbling in the fields of marketing and short film production, she established herself as a content writer. For the last few years, she has focused on consumer tech and has written hundreds of news, reviews, tutorials, and guides on Apple products.


Today, she’s a full-time freelancer who also has a passion for writing about other topics: the arts, travel, sports, economy, and science. In her free time, you’ll find her going to the movies or the theater with friends, playing with her godchildren, or enjoying a good book.

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