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Looking to optimize your Mac's performance? CleanMyMac and OnyX cleaners stand out as two reputable tools in the realm of Mac optimization. While CleanMyMac specializes in comprehensive disk cleanup, OnyX offers an array of tools to fine-tune macOS settings. So, your choice of the app should depend on the cleaning purpose.


Avoiding a cleaning tool puts your Mac device at risk. Namely, neglecting regular maintenance can lead to cluttered storage, slow performance, and potential system errors. The dilemma deepens when you do decide to look for the right cleaning tool, as it can be a hard choice between CleanMyMac vs OnyX. Each option promises unique benefits that can leave you uncertain about the best fit for your needs. But this is where we can help.


Before we start:


Ever felt the overwhelming frustration of choosing a Mac cleaning tool, unsure if it'll truly address all your needs and concerns? With MacKeeper's Safe Cleanup, you can bid farewell to all the uncertainty. This all-inclusive solution not only efficiently declutters your Mac but also shields it from potential malware threats.


To begin using MacKeeper's Safe Cleanup tool, follow these steps:

  1. Download MacKeeper and install it onto your MacBook.
  2. Launch the app and access the Safe Cleanup feature.
  3. Click the Start Scan button for the tool to run a deep scan for junk files on your Mac.
  4. Once the scan is done, review the findings, and click the Clear Junk Files button to remove logs, clear cache, and trash from your Mac seamlessly.

CleanMyMac review

If you’re searching for a reliable Mac cleanup tool, consider trying out CleanMyMac to help secure and optimize all your sensitive data. Below, we’ve shared a list of what CleanMyMac can offer Mac users:

  • Comprehensive Disk Cleanup
  • Smart Scan Functionality
  • Application Uninstaller
  • Maintenance Tools (Privacy Protection, Mail Attachment Optimization, and more)
  • Junk Cleanup
  • Malware Removal
  • Large and Old File Cleanup
The CleanMyMac application has a wide array of Mac cleaning and safety-enhancing features. A quick Smart Scan can show you everything that can be cleaned up, uninstalled and even updated to ensure your MacBook is fully optimised.

You can also explore our CleanMyMac X review blog, which provides an in-depth breakdown of each feature that CleanMyMac offers.  

CleanMyMac features and tools

CleanMyMac offers a diverse array of built-in features and tools tailored for comprehensive Mac optimization. Its key features offer Apple users Malware Protection and App Updates as well as System Cleanup. That’s just the beginning. The table below summarizes CleanMyMac’s key characteristics:



Malware RemovalEfficiently scans to detect and eliminates malware to ensure system security and remove threat detections
Clean up System Junk, Mail Attachments and Junk BinsCleans system and browser junk files for enhanced performance by removing redundant files associated with applications
PrivacyEnsures privacy by securely erasing sensitive data and browsing history
Effective Cleanup & Tuneup ToolsProvides various tools for thorough system cleanup and optimization
Fast Install/Upgrade/Uninstall Apps                                            Streamlines the process of installing, upgrading, and uninstalling applications

The pros of using CleanMyMac:

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and use
  • Comprehensive suite of cleaning and optimization tools
  • Quick and efficient scanning for junk files and system issues
  • Additional security and privacy against malware and cyber threats
  • Regular updates and improvements for enhanced performance

The cons of using CleanMyMac:

  • Lacks certain advanced features present in other similar tools.
  • Has a higher price compared to other Mac cleaning apps.
  • Shows occasional reports of minor bugs or glitches during usage.

CleanMyMac pricing

CleanMyMac offers various price packages to suit different user requirements. The pricing strategy is split into two different options: a one-year subscription at $34.95 or a lifetime license for $89.95 for one device.


For a detailed comparison of pricing based on the available packages, refer to the table below:

Package Type

One Mac Device

Two Mac Devices

Five Macs

Yearly Subscription$34.95$54.95$79.95
One-Time Purchase$89.95$134.95$199.95

Is CleanMyMac safe

CleanMyMac is a reliable ally for cleaning your Apple computer while keeping it safe from malware. This cleanup tool is developed by a trusted team that cares about your privacy and security.


You can think of CleanMyMac as your own MacBook wellness coach—it cleans up junk and boosts speed without ever interfering with your important data. On your side, you should always keep backups of all your important files, but rest assured that CleanMyMac has got your back for a smooth and secure Mac experience.

OnyX review

If you're one of those Apple users interested in OnyX vs CleanMyMac comparison, delve into this section. Having already explored CleanMyMac, let's move to OnyX and its list of key functionalities:

  • System Optimization
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Customization Options
  • System Diagnostics
  • Automation
The OnyX application has a wide array of Maintenance and Utilities features. The basic interface labels every aspect of your MacBook device the tool can optimize. You can check the boxes before clicking Run Tasks to give you full control of the cleanup process.

Features and tools of OnyX

Ready to discover the main benefits and tools of OnyX? The table below summarises OnyX’s key tools:



RebuildingRestores various launch service databases, spotlight index, desktop and mailboxes to improve device functionality
CleaningScans device to clean your system of Applications, internet, and other reports
Misc Options: Fonts Cache /Junk Items /Recent Items and TrashRemoves unnecessary cache, junk files, and trash to boost system performance and generally tidy up device
Verifying: Structure of System Files / Delete APFS SnapshotsConfirms the structure of system files
SecurityDisplays information about the security technologies included in macOS
ParametersConfigure parameters in Finder, Dock, Safari, and selected Apple-supported apps

The pros of using OnyX:

  • Free to download and use
  • Comprehensive tools for system maintenance and optimization
  • Access to detailed system information
  • Network optimization features
  • Program features are updated regularly

The cons of using OnyX:

  • Can be overwhelming for novice users
  • Mishandling settings can affect system stability
  • Limited guidance available for inexperienced users
  • The interface might not be intuitive for everyone
  • More system requirements for optimal usage
  • No built-in malware protection software

How much does OnyX cost

OnyX is offered as freeware, meaning it’s available for Apple users to use at no cost. While there's a donation option available, the software is free to download, copy, and even distribute. This makes it accessible for all users as it eliminates mandatory charges or fees.

Is OnyX safe to use

OnyX serves as your helper in streamlining your Mac's performance while ensuring the security and integrity of your files, apps, and macOS settings. Think of OnyX as your handy maintenance expert to safeguard your essential data and remove clutter to free up space on your device. With the OnyX cleanup program, you’ll enjoy a seamless and protected MacBook journey.

Final comparison

The main differences between CleanMyMac vs OnyX are in their approach to user interface and accessibility.


CleanMyMac highlights its user-friendliness with an easy-to-use interface for Apple users looking for a straightforward optimization experience. In contrast, though OnyX's interface isn't special at all, the app developer provides advanced and varied tools to clean Apple devices. At the same time, to correctly use OnyX’s tools, you’ll need a certain level of expertise to navigate easily. All in all, CleanMyMac focuses on ease of use, whereas OnyX caters to those seeking in-depth system control and customization.


Also, another big difference between the two cleanup programs is that OnyX is free to download and use, while CleanMyMac can be a costly feature to access.

Key Feature



Safe cleanup

User-friendly interface

macOS customization

Manage folder visibility

Malware removal

Search for large and old files

Updates of apps

macOS maintenance scripts

Freeware to download and use

Network optimization

Suite of cleaning tools

Access to detailed system information

Still doubt what to choose? Look at MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup then, which is a superior solution due to its comprehensive approach to Mac optimization and security. Unlike the programs mentioned, MacKeeper integrates an all-in-one suite, encompassing cutting-edge tools to clear system storage. Its Safe Cleanup feature not only efficiently clears clutter and boosts performance but also offers advanced security features, including real-time threat monitoring and proactive malware protection.

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