Is AppCleaner Safe

You’re looking into using AppCleaner to help manage your Mac, but you’re concerned because it’s a third-party app that isn’t endorsed by the App Store. Is AppCleaner for Mac safe? Does it contain malware? Would it compromise your privacy and your computer’s well-being? These are all valid questions all Mac users should ask before downloading and installing AppCleaner on their Mac devices.


Before we start


Third-party app stores aren’t necessarily bad news. However, you have to tread carefully when using them, as they can sometimes pose threats to your MacBook’s security. You want to avoid any apps that could potentially contain malware.


Having said that, some apps are safe and reliable. When it comes to cleaning apps, we recommend MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup, which, unlike AppCleaner, offers in-app expert assistance. MacKeeper also comes with security features, which makes it safe to use.


Here’s how to use MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup tool to clean your Mac:

  1. Download MacKeeper and click the Safe Cleanup option in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Start Scan button and wait a few moments.
  3. When the scan is done, click Clean Junk Files.

In this article, we’ll look into whether AppCleaner for Mac is safe to use. Let’s get started.

Who made AppCleaner?

AppCleaner was developed by FreeMacSoft. Through AppCleaner, the company helps users clean their devices to free up hard drive space. AppCleaner is free, which makes it appealing to many MacBook device owners. However, some may be reluctant to use it because it isn’t available on the App Store.


To use AppCleaner, you must download it directly from the developer’s website—in this case, FreeMacSoft. In such instances, the app isn’t vetted by Apple to ensure it’s safe for your computer, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t safe at all.


Tip from our experts:


Are you trying to figure out how to clear up space on your Mac? Cleaning software can help with that, but don’t expect a drastic change in your Mac’s storage. It all depends on how much junk there is to clear in the first place.

Is AppCleaner safe to download?

AppCleaner is safe to download. However, you download it at your own risk because it isn’t endorsed by the App Store. This goes for all apps you download from third-party sources. Ensure you have antivirus software installed to be safe.

Is AppCleaner safe to use?

AppCleaner is safe to use. However, you must be careful when using it because the app isn’t listed on the App Store, which can have consequences. For this reason, keep in mind that AppCleaner may not be compatible with newer macOS versions.


Apart from that, there are other risks associated with using apps and cleaners that aren’t listed on the App Store:

  • Some of these apps lack malware protection features, which can expose you to security breaches.
  • The developer may stop updating the app, which could expose you to malware threats and lead to performance issues.

Nevertheless, cleaning apps may prove helpful for those who want to learn how to clean up Mac with minimal effort on their part.


But are all apps on the App Store safe? It’s worth noting that while the App Store protects Apple users by screening apps before listing them, that doesn’t guarantee that all apps on the platform are safe. Some apps haven’t been updated in a while, so they may have bugs and security loopholes that open them up to malicious attacks. That’s why you should run all apps through a trusted antivirus tool, be careful how you use them, and remove those that aren’t secure for your safety.

Is AppCleaner available on the App Store?

No, AppCleaner isn’t available on the App Store. It can be downloaded from FreeMacSoft, which is the developer’s official website.


Here’s how to download AppCleaner on your Mac:

  1. Go to FreeMacSoft in your browser and click the applicable macOS version in the Downloads section in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  2. Open the app and follow the on-screen prompts to install it on your Mac.
You can download AppCleaner on your Mac by going to and choosing your macOS version in the lower-right corner.

Is AppCleaner safe from malware?

While AppCleaner is safe to use, it doesn’t provide malware protection. It can’t detect malware threats and protect your data.


Note from our team:


Do you have doubts about the security of using newly downloaded software like AppCleaner? You can use MacKeeper’s Antivirus tool to check for malware before unpacking and installing the app on your Mac. Here’s how:

  1. After downloading AppCleaner and before installing it, open MacKeeper on your MacBook Pro or Air device and select Antivirus in the sidebar.
  2. Follow the prompts to enable Antivirus, then click Start Scan. MacKeeper will notify you if any threats are found after it's done scanning your laptop. If no threats are found, no action is needed. But if no threats are identified, prioritize eliminating them by following the on-screen instructions.
To determine whether AppCleaner is safe from malware, run it through MacKeeper's Antivirus tool before installing it on your Mac. To do this, open MacKeeper and select Antivirus in the sidebar. Follow the prompts to enable Antivirus and then click the Start Scan button.


Our suggestion is to always keep MacKeeper’s Antivirus tool enabled. This allows MacKeeper app to constantly be on the lookout for security threats on your behalf. When Antivirus is always on, your Mac and, ultimately, your personal information is protected 24/7, and threats are immediately attended to for your peace of mind.

Сan AppCleaner be trusted?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid apps that aren’t listed on the App Store. This will help you avoid disappointment and security threats. Consider deleting AppCleaner and other  unnecessary apps with MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller.


Also, we recommend using MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup tool instead of AppCleaner. It’s one of the best Mac cleaners because it’s a safe and secure tool that offers malware protection, giving you peace of mind that your personal information is protected from threats. What’s more, you can keep it enabled to get round-the-clock protection and instantly scan new downloads automatically.

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