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Next Apple Events for 2023

Even before the previous event has finished, Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the next Apple keynote. At these events, CEO Tim Cook and numerous other important figures within the company share what the Silicon Valley giant is working on.  


For example, in the summer of 2022, Apple used its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to announce numerous new products and software. We learned more about iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, in addition to what we could expect from the M2 chip that is becoming more commonplace in its Macs.  


2023 will surely be another big year for Apple and its fans, but when’s the next Apple announcement? What can we expect the company to release? Let’s find out.  

When is the next Apple event?

At the time of writing in February 2023, the next Apple event hadn’t yet been announced. However, rumors in the tech space suggest that you’ll get to tune into a spring event sometime in March.  


If we look at previous years, March is a good time to expect an Apple presentation. The 2022 spring event occurred on March 8th, and the 2020 edition commenced on March 18th. Meanwhile, the 2019 version was held in the same month. However, you might need to wait a little longer; for example, the 2021 Apple event was held on April 20th.  


In essence, Apple’s keynotes build up the new products and software that the company usually releases in the fall. The spring event usually involves announcing new products—such as the next MacBook and iPhone.  


Considering that Apple has already revealed its 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, along with the M2 Mac mini and HomePod, you can expect more of an explanation of how these products will work. You can already buy the M2 MacBook Pro, but before purchasing, consider reading how to use MacBook.  

Apple spring event 2023

Apple hasn’t yet announced a date for its 2023 spring event, but we do know a little more about the products we can expect to become available later this year. Below, I’ve listed what you’ll probably hear more about at 2023’s first Apple keynote:

Now let’s dig deeper into each of these one by one.

14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro

m2 macbook pro

On January 24th, Apple released the latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. I think we’ll learn more about what you can do with these laptops as a creative; Apple mentioned in a press release that the “MacBook Pro is capable of transforming pro workflows across a wide range of disciplines.”


Below are some features that Apple might cover in more detail:  

  • Processing speeds for different apps, such as Adobe Photoshop  
  • The longest battery life ever on a MacBook  
  • The improved Wi-Fi connectivity options

M2 Mac mini

mac mini next to mac

Apple released the M2 Mac mini on January 24th, and I believe Apple will talk specifically about how the product might help you become more productive. Expect similar topics to the following to be discussed:  

  • Gameplay speeds  
  • Rendering speeds with Final Cut Pro  
  • How the M2 Mac mini works with the new MacBook range

Mac Pro with M2 Ultra Chip

Apple also unveiled the Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra Chip in January. At the next Apple event, I think the company will discuss the following:  

  • Why you won’t get user-upgradable RAM  
  • A release date  
  • How the new Mac Pro compares to the 2019 version

27-inch External Display

Apple hasn’t yet announced when it’ll launch the 27-inch external monitor. Rumors originally suggested Q1 2023, but that might not be the case. The spring event is a good opportunity for Apple to provide an update, and I think they’ll do that at the very least.  


If the company decides to announce more information about the product, expect to hear how it’ll work with the Mac mini and Pro.  


homepod with iphone

Apple released the newest HomePod in February 2023. It marks the return of the larger HomePod, which the company originally discontinued in 2021. At the spring event, we might see Apple discuss how it fits in the broader ecosystem—such as when using Apple TV.  

Apple digital WWDC event 2023

The WWDC, which is usually in June, often acts as an Apple new launch event for software. In previous years, CEO Cook has revealed what we’ll see in the upcoming iOS, iPadOS, and macOS updates. In recent times, we’ve also learned about new products and innovations. Below are two products you may hear more about at the 2023 WWDC:

Read on to hear the details.

AR/VR Headset

In 2023, we could finally see the Apple AR/VR Headset come to life. At the very least, I’d say that we’ll hear an update on when (and if) we can expect a launch.  


Some rumors have suggested that we’ll learn more about the headset at the 2023 WWDC. If we do, Apple will likely talk about:  

  • How much the headset costs  
  • How the headset works with Apple’s other products and apps  

15.5-inch MacBook Air

In 2022, Apple announced the latest MacBook Air at the WWDC—and I think it’ll do the same this year. If that happens, you’ll probably hear about:  

  • When the MacBook is out  
  • How much the MacBook will cost

September event Apple 2023

Historically, the September Apple event is when we find out the release dates for the next version of iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. And for iPhone fans, this keynote is when you hear about the newest devices—plus their release dates.  

Here’s what I expect Apple to talk about during this year’s fall event:  

Find out more below.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

Rumors have suggested that the iPhone 15 will feature a USB-C port. And considering that the iPhone 14 didn’t look too different from its predecessor, we might see a different look for the next batch of Apple’s flagship smartphones.  


Instead of the Pro Max, some have suggested that the iPhone 15 Ultra will come to the market. We’ll probably get clarification on these, along with:  

  • Hearing how much the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro costs
  • Extra special features that these phones will have  
  • The camera and filming quality on the latest iPhones

If you plan to get the latest iPhone, you can reset Apple ID password if you’ve forgotten it on your old device.  

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple typically announces the new Apple Watch in September. At this year’s event, I believe we’ll learn about:  

  • The Apple Watch Series 9’s design  
  • How much the Apple Watch shall cost
  • What to expect on the new version of watchOS

Apple events summary

Every Apple presentation is eagerly awaited, and each has several exciting announcements. You might want to watch the spring event to learn more about the latest MacBook Pro models, and the September version is where you’ll find out about the new iPhones.  


You can follow each Apple event online, and it’s worth keeping an eye out for the official dates when they’re announced. In the meantime, connect with fellow Apple fans online to discuss your further product expectations and check your intuition.  

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