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MacBook Pro Release Date in 2023

The next MacBook Pro release is always eagerly anticipated, but it's often challenging to know when Apple will release its high-end laptop. In some years, the company has commenced sales during the summer; in others, Apple has launched its MacBook Pro in the winter instead.  


Because the Apple MacBook Pro release date is sometimes inconsistent, keeping up with the latest news and trends is essential if you want to get the device within the first few months of release. The 2023 MacBook Pro is of particular interest because it'll see Apple take its M2 chip to the next level.  


This year, Apple has produced two versions of the MacBook Pro with different screen sizes. But when can you buy them, and what's so special about the 2023 version? I'll give you all the information you need today.


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When is the new MacBook Pro coming out?

Apple has already released the 2023 MacBook Pro. Since late January 2023, you've been able to purchase the newest version of Apple's premium laptop.  


The 2023 MacBook Pro is available worldwide, and you can get yours without needing to pre-order. Apple only released a 13-inch version in 2022, but you'll get 14-inch and 16-inch editions in 2023—as was the case in 2021.  


I'll talk about pricing in a moment, but MacBook Pros are quite expensive. If you need something for your studies, consider looking at the best MacBook for students.  

Price of next MacBook Pro 2023

Several factors influence pricing for the next MacBook Pro release models. Screen size comes into play, and so does the size of your solid-state drive (SSD). You'll also need to consider the size of your random access memory (RAM)–the more you have, the more expensive your laptop will be.  


Other factors that impact pricing for the MacBook Pro include:  

  • Computer processing unit (CPU)
  • Gaming processing unit (GPU)

Besides device specs, the current global climate also impacts MacBook Pro pricing. For example, several currencies have been quite volatile against the US Dollar over the past 12 months or so. Inflation is also influencing how much users pay for the latest MacBook Pro.  


Below, I'll highlight how much the 2023 MacBook Pro costs in US Dollars. Let's start by looking at the 14-inch version:

M2 Pro (10-Core CPU/16-Core GPU)16GB Unified Memory | 512GB SSD$1,999
M2 Pro (12-Core CPU/19-Core GPU)16GB Unified Memory | 1TB SSD$2,499
M2 Max (12-Core CPU/30-Core GPU)32GB Unified Memory | 1TB SSD$3,099  

Now, let’s look at how much the 16-inch MacBook Pro costs:

M2 Pro (12-Core CPU/19-Core GPU)16GB Unified Memory | 512GB SSD$2,499 
M2 Pro (12-Core CPU/19-Core GPU)16GB Unified Memory | 1TB SSD$2,699
M2 Max (12-Core CPU/38-Core GPU)32GB Unified Memory | 1TB SSD$3,499

I should also point out that while you’ll see the prices for the device in the US, you might pay more or less where you live based on multiple factors. For example, some countries have higher value-added tax (VAT) rates than others.  


If money isn’t too much of a concern, you might want to think about discovering the best Apple laptop for business.  

MacBook Pro 2023 specifications

While I’ve gone in-depth about pricing, knowing what you’re paying for is also a good idea. At first glance, many MacBook Pros often look the same as each other. If you look a little closer, however, you’ll notice that Apple has made several innovations to improve previous models.  


One of the main differences between the 2022 and 2023 MacBook Pro is the improvement in performance. The 2022 version was excellent for handling high-performance tasks, such as photo editing. But with the 2023 MacBook Pro, Apple has stepped things up a notch.  


In a press release, the company said that color grading in DaVinci Resolve was 30% faster than on the 2022 MacBook Pro. Meanwhile, photo processing in Photoshop was as much as 40% quicker than what you could do on last year’s flagship computer. Considering how good the 2023 MacBook Pro is at handling such tasks, it might be the best Mac for graphic designers.  


Here’s a broader breakdown of the new MacBook Pro specs compared to the 2022 range:  

 2023 MacBook Pro 16”2023 MacBook Pro 14”2022 MacBook Pro 13”
ChipM2 Pro-M2 MaxM2 Pro-M2 MaxM2
Maximum battery life22 hours18 hours20 hours  
DisplayLiquid Retina XDRLiquid Retina XDRRetina  
Wi-Fi compatibility6E (802.11ax)6E (802.11ax)6 (802.11ax)
Camera resolution1080p1080p720p

Considering that the 2023 MacBook Pro differs in some areas from the 2022 version, understanding performance is essential. If you’re a programmer, you can check out the best Mac for coding.  

New 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro design

The 2023 MacBook Pros look very similar to the 2022 and 2021 editions. You can get your device in the same colors as before: silver and space gray.  


The only real change with the 2023 MacBook Pro is that the 14- and 16-inch screens are back and that the screen display has received an upgrade. Your device still has the standard keyboard and touch bar layout, and the USB ports are the same. Moreover, you can still charge with MagSafe.  

Everything you need to know about the newest MacBook Pro release

The 2023 MacBook Pro is already out, and much of that is because Apple only released one version in 2022. Its larger-screen MacBook Pros now have M2 chips, and you’ve also got an upgraded screen to work from. Moreover, the 2023 MacBook Pro has slightly better Wi-Fi capabilities than the 2022 edition.


When buying a new MacBook, remember to keep your software updated and beware of cyberattacks. You can eliminate the need to worry about the latter by using MacKeeper’s Antivirus solution.

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