CleanMyMac vs Avast

You’ve likely encountered CleanMyMac X and Avast in your search for the best cleaning software. In fact, you’ve probably narrowed down your search to these two contenders. But how do you know which option is best for your Mac?

Before you start:


Customer support is a deciding factor when choosing a cleaning utility. While most apps offer customer support, not all offer it around the clock.


MacKeeper offers 24/7 in-app support, which means you can get expert assistance within minutes of sending a message in the chat. This makes its Safe Cleanup tool a better option for your Mac maintenance. Besides that, it automates cleaning your Mac, which saves you time and effort. Use MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup tool to get rid of junk files and optimize your Mac for a seamless experience.


Here’s how to benefit from MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup:

  1. Download MacKeeper and select the Safe Cleanup option in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Start Scan button and wait a few moments.
  3. Follow the scan's progress on the screen and click Clean Junk Files when it’s completed.

The best way to choose between two cleaning utilities is to compare them side by side. Read on as we help you choose the best software in our Avast vs CleanMyMac guide. Let’s get started.

Avast review

The Avast Cleanup Premium app is opened on a Mac screen. The overview dashboard is selected, showing key information and features that are helpful to the user.

Avast is a household name in the desktop software market. The Avast Cleanup Premium tool is used to get rid of junk files on your Mac, including:

  • Unused apps
  • Similar photos
  • Duplicate files
  • System caches

1. Features of Avast

The Avast Cleanup Premium app includes the following tools and features to safely clean your MacBook device:

  • Overview dashboard
  • Quick Clean tool
  • Clutter cleaning tool
  • Browser cleaning tool
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Photos Analyzer
  • App Uninstaller
  • Startups Manager
  • System Monitor
  • Statistics tool

2. Avast pricing

By now, you’re probably asking yourself how much Avast Cleanup Premium costs. Avast Cleanup Premium offers licenses for one Mac and up to 10 Mac devices.

  • One Mac: $5.50 per month or $65.99 for the first year
  • 10 Mac devices: $6.67 monthly or $79.99 for the first year.

Good to know:


Avast Cleanup Premium offers a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee. The free trial doesn’t require a credit card to sign up.

3. Avast pros and cons

As with all apps, Avast Cleanup Premium has its pros and cons. These can help you decide whether it’s worth getting the cleanup tool.


Find Avast Cleanup Premium advantages and disadvantages below.



Free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no credit card is requiredMarks similar files as duplicate files
Simple user interfaceNot suitable for older macOS versions
Easy to useSends too many unwanted notifications
Automatically updates your Mac’s key appsNo 24/7 support or in-app support

4. Avast customer support

Like most cleaning utilities, Avast Cleanup Premium offers expert support to its users. You can reach out to the Avast support team via the chat function on the website or by submitting an email request. However, Avast Cleanup Premium doesn't offer 24/7 in-app assistance. This can be a problem when you need help using the app urgently.


If you’re looking to have access to 24/7 tech support, try MacKeeper. The MacKeeper experts are quick, efficient, and always ready to help you with whatever you need, without making you wait hours or even days for a response. All of this is available at the click of a button in the app.


Find out for yourself by using MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup tool, which is a better option for your Mac maintenance:

  1. Open MacKeeper and choose the Safe Cleanup option in the sidebar, followed by the Start Scan button, and wait a few moments.
  2. Wait for the scan to finish, and then click Clean Junk Files.
Unlike Avast, MacKeeper offers in-app customer support. To use its Safe Cleanup tool, open MacKeeper and choose Safe Cleanup in the sidebar, followed by the Start Scan button, and wait a few moments. Wait for the scan to finish and then click Clean Junk Files.

5. Avast utilities

Avast Cleanup Premium includes the following features:

  • Overview Dashboard. Doubles as an Action Center that gives you quick access to several cleaning features.
  • Quick clean tool. Allows you to run a quick scan to remove unwanted files from your Mac.
  • Clutter cleaning tool. Allows you to safely remove junk and clutter to free up disk space. Don’t neglect your Mac’s scratch disk. Learn how to clear scratch disks on Mac.
  • Browser cleaning tool. Helps you clear your browsing records, including cookies, browsing history, caches, and autofill information.
  • Duplicates Finder. Finds duplicate files quicker than you can and lets you decide which ones are worth keeping and which files you don’t need.
  • Photos Analyzer. Helps you find photos of poor quality and duplicate photos with no business taking up space on your Mac.
  • App Uninstaller. Identifies old and unused apps so you can uninstall them to reduce clutter and free up space.
  • Startups Manager. Helps you remove problematic login items to help fix performance issues and improve startup time.
  • System Monitor. Shows you the state of your Mac’s system at a glance, including the battery, disk usage, sensors, and CPU/memory.
  • Statistics tool. Statistics include information about the cleaning tasks you’ve undertaken using Avast Cleanup Premium so you can track your progress.

There are multiple ways to maintain your Mac. Learn how to clean up a Mac to improve its lifespan.

6. Is Avast safe?

Avast is a trusted brand in the cybersecurity space. Avast Cleanup Premium, in particular, has a 3.9 rating based on 13,873 ratings on Trustpilot at the time of writing. Therefore, Avast Cleanup Premium is considered safe to use.


Not yet satisfied? Read our Avast Cleanup review for more information about this software.

CleanMyMac X review

The CleanMyMac X cleaning utility is opened on a Mac screen and the System Junk tool is selected. The screen shows that the System Junk tool has found 381.4 MB to clean after performing a scan.

MacPaw founded CleanMyMac X in 2008. As the name suggests, it’s a cleaning utility for Mac devices running macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later. Apart from its cleaning features, the app offers protection, speed, file management, and app management features.


With CleanMyMac X, you can:

  • Quit hung apps
  • Close programs using up too many CPU resources
  • Clean browser history
  • Clear chat history
  • Manage your apps
  • Find and delete large hidden files

1. CleanMyMac X features

Below are CleanmyMac X’s features and tools:

  • Smart Scan to scan your Mac
  • System junk removal
  • Mail attachments removal
  • Trash bins to permanently delete unwanted files
  • Uninstaller for unused apps
  • Large and old file removal
  • Shredder to delete sensitive information

2. CleanMyMac X pricing policy

CleanMyMac’s one-year subscription costs $29.95 for one Mac, $79.90 for two Macs, and $199.75 for five Macs. A once-off purchase costs $89.95 for one Mac, $179.90 for two Macs, and $449.75 for five devices. The developers also offer a 7-day free trial with a host of features.

3. Pros and cons of CleanMyMac X

As with all cleaning utilities, CleanMyMac X has its strengths and weaknesses.


Find CleanMyMac X advantages and disadvantages below:



Impressive feature lineupShorter trial period
User-friendly interfaceLacks a battery health monitor
File Shredder for your privacy 
Virtual Assistant to help you get started 
7-day free trial 
Highly rated 
24/7 technical and sales support 

4. CleanMyMac X customer support

MacPaw offers 24/7 customer support for CleanMyMac X via the chat function on the MacPaw website.

5. CleanMyMac X utilities

CleanMyMac includes the following features:

  • Smart Scan to scan your Mac
  • System junk removal
  • Mail attachments removal
  • Trash bins to permanently delete unwanted files
  • Uninstaller for unused apps
  • Large and old file removal
  • Shredder to delete sensitive information
  • Malware removal
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance
  • Extensions Manager

6. Is CleanMyMac X safe to use?

CleanMyMac X is a known cleaning utility. It has a 4.3 rating based on 668 ratings on Trustpilot at the time of writing. CleanMyMac X is also notarized by Apple, meaning Apple scanned it for malware before distribution. This makes the CleanMyMac X app safe to use.

Final comparison

Use our CleanMyMac vs Avast comparison to help you find a suitable cleaning app. The main difference between CleanMyMac X and Avast Cleanup Premium is that the former offers more features and can be used by anyone.


However, we recommend MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup tool, which is the trusted solution for maintaining and optimizing your Mac. Unlike Avast Cleanup Premium, it offers 24/7 in-app assistance in case you get stuck. Still indecisive? Check out our CleanMyMac review for more information.




Free trial

Yes (30 days)

Yes (7 days)

Trustpilot rating



Browser cleanup

Trash cleanup

System cleanup

Photo cleanup

App cleanup

Cache cleanup

Mail cleanup

Language removal

Log cleanup

File shredder

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