James Wemyss

James is a tech enthusiast who has been using Mac products for well over a decade. He’s a freelance writer passionate about sharing his expertise with others.

Leeds, United Kingdom


BA (Hons) English Literature — University of Leeds


  • Mac care
  • Online privacy
  • Adblock
  • Software optimization
  • macOS updates
  • Gaming


Throughout his education and career, James has excelled at understanding and simplifying complex concepts into digestible content. In his work, he has already gained a wealth of experience in both the design and sports betting industries. Always trying to think outside the box, James is at his best when producing content that depends on his personal expertise.


Since a young age, James has always been a keen writer, and his love for literature stemmed from writing stories as a child. Throughout his studies, James’ hard work and unique perspective have nurtured him to become an expert in authors such as James Joyce and George Orwell. Also, throughout his studies, he has always been interested in the interdisciplinary and loves to bring different creative concepts together using his unique perspective.


Growing up, James couldn’t afford the latest technology, and so always strived to get the best out of any device he owned. After years of mending and tinkering, he has become an expert in getting every last ounce of performance out of machines.


A keen composer and musician, James found himself naturally drawn to Apple products to record and produce his own songs. In the years that followed, he became something of a Mac power user, but rather than resting on his laurels, James continues to adapt to and keep up with the latest in tech.


At present, James is writing for MacKeeper on a freelance basis, which allows him to pursue his passions, such as music and travel, on a schedule that works for him. MacKeeper’s content is particularly well suited to James’ interests and expertise, and they’ve made his dream of becoming a professional writer a reality.


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