Ysabelle Alesna

Ysabelle discovered her love for storytelling from her family. When she’s not typing away on her laptop, you can spot her enjoying her downtime reading a book in a local coffee shop.

Zagreb, Croatia


Bachelors Degree in Journalism—Queensland University of Australia


  • Content Creation and Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Tech Writing and Research
  • Mac Tutorials
  • Media


Ysabelle grew up surrounded by stories—from her mom's chatty tales to her dad's bedtime stories. Unsurprisingly, she found myself drawn to a career in writing. At 19, she packed up my life in the Philippines and set off for Australia, kicking off a thrilling new chapter in her story.


After graduating, she dove into the workforce, facing the challenge of finding her path. One day, she stumbled upon a digital marketing copywriter job and thought, "Why not?" Fast-forward 5 years later, she can confidently say, she’s loving every bit of it. Nothing beats the satisfaction of hearing clients praise her work.


When she’s not typing away, you'll catch her in a nearby bookshop, probably trying to read book titles with my head tilted to the side. Or, she might be enjoying a cappuccino in a coffee shop or treating herself to a post-dinner gelato.


Ysabelle spent her early years soaking up life in Pakistan and Cambodia. She’s also not just a writer; she can churn her butter (and add flavors!) and loves to binge-listen to true-crime podcasts. Oh, and let's not forget—she unintentionally turned her home into a jungle by owning more plants than furniture.


From social media coordination to SEO strategies, Ysabelle has worn many hats and loved every twist and turn. She feels incredibly fortunate to hold her current role at MacKeeper, and she feels incredibly lucky to be part of a workplace that not only aligns with her lifestyle but also fuels her professional growth.


With every day being an adventure, Ysabelle’s story is far from over, and she’s excited about the chapters that are yet to unfold.


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