Avast Cleanup for Mac Review

Boasting over thirty years of expertise, the Avast software stands out as a renowned name in the digital cleanup realm. Avast offers a suite of tools tailored for macOS, which makes it a great choice for Apple devices. Avast also offers a Premium version of its cleanup software that offers system protection and advanced organizational tools, but it’s locked behind a hefty subscription price.


However, the standard Avast Cleanup program is known to hold its own as a reliable cleaner designed to help users declutter their computer by eliminating unnecessary files and promising a system free from digital debris.  But does it live up to its claims? Let’s find out together with our Avast Cleanup review.

Before we start:


It's worth noting that Avast isn't the only cleanup solution for Mac devices. MacKeeper's dedicated Safe Cleanup feature goes beyond a basic computer cleanup. It can prioritize system optimization as well as security. Thus, if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to help keep your computer organized as well as protected against malware, then you can rely on MacKeeper to have your back.


Learn how to benefit from MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup:

  1. Download the MacKeeper app.
  2. Once installed, open the app and click on the Safe Cleanup feature on the left.
  3. Choose Start Scan and select everything you want MacKeeper to delete.
  4. Click Clean Junk Files to let MacKeeper remove all your digital clutter for good.

What is Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is a familiar app within the world of digital Mac cleanup. Fundamentally, the software is designed to free up disk space on your Apple computer by removing unnecessary clutter. Beyond its basic functionality, Avast Cleanup offers a wide range of features aimed at enhancing your Mac's efficiency and speed.


Avast can help free your device of:

  • System cache
  • Duplicates
  • Similar photos
  • Low-quality or blurry photos
  • Large/ unused applications

But, that’s not all. Avast also has a user-friendly interface that makes it even more attractive to Mac users. The cleanup software also claims to incorporate macOS features seamlessly. But is it as good as it claims? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this Avast cleanup for Mac review.


We'll begin by exploring the two main concerns that still worry many Mac users:

Go on to find the answers to these important questions below.

Is Avast Cleanup legit

Yes, Avast Cleanup is a legitimate software enhancer for Mac devices, offering a robust interface designed to help you unlock the full potential of your computer. With its activation process and licensing system, Avast ensures that everyone can access its full suite of features, including registry scanning and program upgrading.


The cleanup software itself also boasts a firewall to safeguard your sensitive settings and protect your device against malware threats lurking on the internet. So, our verdict is that Avast Cleanup is a legitimate tool that has been carefully designed to provide a reliable solution to enhance device performance safely and securely.

Is Avast Cleanup safe to use on Mac

Yes, it's safe to use Avast Cleanup on Mac. We understand that safety is paramount when considering software for your Mac device, and Avast Cleanup can ensure your experience is both safe and secure.


Particularly, Avast Cleanup works seamlessly with intricate macOS settings whilst respecting all of your sensitive data and computer settings. With all of its robust features and commitment to user protection, Avast Cleanup has earned its reputation as a trusted and secure choice for Mac users.

What does Avast Cleanup for macOS do

Avast Cleanup for macOS serves as an essential enhancer for your device, aiming to optimize its overall performance and ensure a smoother user experience. Acting as an internal computer scanner, the Avast software meticulously searches for unnecessary files hidden deep within your Mac's storage space.


With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly navigate and customize your cleanup preferences, tailoring the process to suit your specific needs. Whether that includes prioritizing internet security, removing duplicate photos, or uninstalling unused apps, Avast Cleanup for macOS empowers you to take control of your device's maintenance.

How long does Avast Cleanup take

The duration of an Avast Cleanup will vary depending on several factors, including the size of your device storage, the amount of data to be scanned, and the overall condition of your Mac’s computer system. Typically, you could expect a thorough cleanup to take anywhere from just a few minutes to up to a couple of hours to complete.


Besides, the time frame does depend on the overall volume of data that Avast Cleanup will need to sift through to be able to efficiently declutter and optimize your computer.

Is it bad if Avast Cleanup is taking hours to scan my Mac

It’s generally considered okay and not a cause for concern, even if Avast Cleanup is taking a few hours to scan your Mac. The longer wait time can be linked to any one of the factors below:

  • If the size of your storage is large, it can influence the duration of the scan.
  • The condition of your system can also affect how long the scan takes.
  • Extended scanning times can occur if your Mac hasn't been cleaned recently.
  • Having a large amount of data can also cause prolonged scanning times.
  • Scanning your device at the same time you’re using it can also make it slow.

Hint from our experts: 


It’s best to leave Avast to scan your Mac at a time when you don’t need to use your device. Otherwise, you’ll likely have too many processes and resources running at one time, which will affect both the time it takes to scan your computer and hinder your important activities.


However, if you notice a significant slowdown or any unusual delay, then you may want to try restarting the scan to see if the speed improves. If there are no signs of improvement, then it’s advised to contact Avast support for further assistance.

Avast Cleanup for Mac: Features overview

When you first open Avast Cleanup, you’ll be greeted by a dark-purple dashboard introducing four cleanup features. Each one comes with a detailed description, which explains what the tool cleans, so you know what to expect before you action them on your computer.


Before you start, the app will ask you to adjust your Mac settings to allow Full Disk Access. This will help Avast find as much digital junk as possible. It’s nothing to worry about, as most Mac cleaners will ask you to do the same.


In this Avast Cleanup review, we’ll explore the features that you can benefit from the most when you need to give your device a digital purge.


The main Avast features are the following:

  1. App Uninstaller
  2. Disk Cleaner
  3. Photo Cleaner
  4. Duplicate Finder
  5. Browser Cleaner

1. App Uninstaller

The Avast app uninstaller feature can simplify the process of removing unwanted applications from your device. After scanning your computer, it compiles a list of all your installed apps, categorized into two sections. The first is your Unused apps, which would include all the ones you haven't opened for more than six months. The second section lists Large apps, which all take up more than 1GB of space. You can then click on an app to reveal detailed information, including all the associated files such as logs, supporting files, and preferences.

The Avast App Uninstaller feature can compile a list of all your apps slit into two sub-sections, Unused apps and Large apps. This user-friendly interface allows you to easily look through your installed apps to look for any you want to tick and Uninstall. This feature is a great way of automatically reclaiming a large chunk of your disk space and all it takes is just a few clicks.

To use the App Uninstaller features, all you need to do is look through the sections and tick which apps you want Avast Cleanup to uninstall. It’s that simple! In just a few clicks, you can free up as much valuable storage space on your Mac as you need.

2. Disk Cleaner

Avast’s disk cleaner feature offers an all-in-one solution to free your computer of any digital junk and clutter. In just a few clicks, the disk cleaner scans your system looking for any unnecessary files and temporary data that it can safely remove. All the findings are then sorted into these six categories:  

  • Application Cache: Includes temporary files stored by browsers and other apps in macOS.
  • Log Files: Contains files that keep a record of the history of your app’s usage and crashes.
  • Trash: Displays your Mac’s Trash Bin.
  • Downloads: Shows you all the files you’ve downloaded.
  • Development Junk: Provides a record of crash report files and leftover data from uninstalled apps.
  • External Drive Junk: Manifests system files that macOS adds to external files for operating systems.

These six subsections allow you to have a detailed overview of all the digital clutter Avast has found deep within your system. That way, you can easily review all findings and select everything you want to remove. We recommend regularly decluttering your Mac to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

The Disk Cleaner features scans your entire computer system looking for any digital chunk it can safely clean for you. After a deep scan, all findings will be split into six sections including Application cache, Downloads and even external Drive Junk. You can sort what you want to clean from each section or tick the entire section to clean everything.

3. Photo Cleaner

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to organize your photo library, then Avast’s Photo Cleaner feature can do all the sorting for you automatically. Once you allow the tool to scan your device, it’ll look through your pictures and show you a list of all the ones that are poor quality, similar, and demanding the most space.

The Photo Cleaner tool allows Avast to manage and organise all of your pictures so you can see which are taking up the most disk space and if any are poor quality so that they can be removed off your Mac. This is a great way to keep your photos organised on your device.

By allowing Avast Cleanup to remove all the poor-quality images, you can help keep your photo library tidy and optimized.

4. Duplicate Finder

Are you looking for a quick way to free your computer of any duplicates that are buried deep within your system? Then Avast’s Duplicate Finder tool can help. The feature automatically scans your device looking for the following duplicates:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Folders
  • Others

Once the scan is complete, you’ll see a list of any files that have been categorized as duplicates. These findings will include the total file size as well as the number of identical copies found. You can then view information about each duplicate, including its current location and the original creation date. Then you can decide which ones to remove. Options like Keep Newest and Keep Oldest provide further control over the cleanup process.

The Duplicated Finder feature is great for helping you organise all of your Documents, Pictures, and Songs. Videos, Folder and Others showing you if there are any copies of any files that you can clean off your Mac.

5. Browser cleaner

Avast Cleanup also boasts a feature, called Browser Cleaner, that automatically tidies up the files accumulated from your internet search engines. It works by scanning your system and looking for cookie files to automatically remove from your Mac.

Avast Cleanup Premium also offers an intuitive Browser cleaner tool that will scan your computer for any hidden cookie files that can pose a potential privacy risk. Not only will the browser feature find these cookies and give you details about them, but it can also automatically clean them off your device for you.

This feature will help enhance your privacy whilst browsing online.

Price of Avast Cleanup for macOS

Avast Cleanup offers a 30-day free trial and won’t ask you for a credit card to start the free trial. However, if you wanted to get a trial of the full Avast Cleanup Premium for 60 days, you would need to provide card details to begin. If you’re interested in just the standard Avast Cleanup software for macOS, then there are two annual subscriptions you can choose from.


Here are the two annual subscription costs and what each plan includes:

1 Mac10 Macs

$31.41 per year


After year one, it automatically renews annually at $69.12 unless canceled.

$37.70 per year


After year one, it automatically renews annually at $87.98 unless canceled.

  • Removes digital junk to free up disk space
  • Automatically uninstalls unwanted/large apps
  • Frees your Mac of duplicate files and photos
  • Cleans up your browser for more privacy
  • Removes digital junk to free up disk space
  • Automatically uninstalls unwanted/ large apps
  • Frees your Mac of duplicate files and photos
  • Cleans up your browser for more privacy

The Avast Cleanup scanner is free to download but to get full access to all the macOS cleanup features, you’ll need to pay after your 30-day free trial ends.

Advantages and disadvantages of Avast Cleanup for Mac

Having now explored all the main features that Avast Cleanup can offer for Apple users, it's time to examine its overall advantages and disadvantages as a Mac cleaner. So, let’s begin with the pros of using Avast Cleanup for MacBook.

Pros of Avast Cleanup for MacBook:

Here are all the best things about the Avast cleanup software for MacBook users:

  • Avast Cleanup offers a suite of comprehensive features designed to help manage and optimize your Mac device, including its speed, disk space, and overall performance.
  • The software provides effective tools designed for finding and decluttering junk to help organize your system.
  • It enhances your privacy when browsing the internet as it can remove all cookies from your MacBook browsers.
  • The Avast interface is very user-friendly, making it easy to navigate for both a novice and experienced user.

Cons of Avast Cleanup for macOS:

However, as with any tool, the Avast Cleaner isn’t perfect, so now we’ll focus on the cons of the app:

  • The different price plans, premium add-ons, and various names for the Avast Cleanup cause a lot of confusion for potential buyers looking to use the software on macOS.
  • The scans have been known to consume a lot of system resources when being conducted, as well as time, which isn’t ideal for someone who uses their Mac for work.
  • The demanding scans can interrupt your workflow and daily activities on your Mac, making it more hassle than it’s worth at times.
  • The full set of features, including firewall and startup manager, are all locked behind a hefty subscription limiting access for users looking for advanced macOS cleaning.
  • The overall effectiveness of Avast cleanup depends on the specific configuration and condition of your Mac.

Note from our team: 


Avast Cleanup can help remove a lot of clutter on your Mac, but if you want to use the cleaner to manage your Mac’s Other storage, then it may not be that effective. If you still want to know how to clean Other on Mac, you can read through this supporting article to help declutter your device more efficiently.

Avast Cleanup customer support

Avast is known to make customer satisfaction one of its top priorities by offering comprehensive support services for all of its patrons. If you encounter technical difficulties, have any inquiries about the software's functionalities, or need assistance with account management, Avast's dedicated support team is readily available to help you.


Avast's support channels include email and live chat, as well as a plethora of self-help resources on their blog. To our eyes, with prompt responses and informative updates, Avast ensures a seamless customer support experience for all Avast Cleanup users.



If you’ve noticed that Avast is blocking websites on your Mac, check out our linked article from the MacKeeper blog to help you resolve any nuisances you’re experiencing.

How to install Avast Cleanup on Mac

Avast Cleanup is a great tool for optimizing your Mac’s performance, and it’s relatively easy for you to install it onto your computer. We do recommend making sure you have enough space on your device before you proceed to install Avast Cleanup. So, if you require guidance on freeing up space on Mac, follow the handy steps in our supporting guide.


Once you’ve freed up some space, here’s how to install Avast Cleanup on your Mac:

  1. On the Avast website, look for the Mac Cleanup installer.
  2. Click on the Download button which has an Apple logo and click Allow.
  3. Once it’s downloaded, go to your Downloads folder and Double-click the downloaded setup file.
  4. Then right-click the Avast Cleanup Premium icon and click Continue.
  5. Review the End User License Agreement and click Agree.
  6. Then press Install, and add your admin password when prompted.
  7. Once installed, you can move the installer into your Trash Bin and Empty it.
To install Avast Cleanup on Mac, you'll first need to go onto the Avast website and look for the option to download the Cleanup software for Mac. You'll want to look for a button with an apple icon on it.
Step 1. On the Avast website, look for the Mac Cleanup Installer
Once you have clicked on the macOS Avast Cleanup, you'll see a popup asking for you to click Allow to begin the download.
Step 2. Click Download and Allow
When the download of the Avast Cleanup for Mac has finished, you'll need to head to your Downloads folder, in finder, and right-click the setup files.
Step 3. Once downloaded, go to the Downloads folder and right-click the setup files
Once you have right-clicked don the setup files, located in your Downloads folder, the Avast Cleanup Premium icon will pop up. Again you'll need to right-click on this icon and click continue on the pop-up screen ton continue the installation of the software on your Mac.
Step 4. Right-click on the Avast Cleanup Premium icon and click Continue
Before you can proceed with installing Avast Cleanup on your Mac computer, you'll also need to read through the End Users License Agreement and click Agree then the Continue button.
Step 5. Click Agree on the end of the user's license agreement
All that's left now it to add your admin password and username to allow the installation of Avast Cleanup to finalise.
Step 6. Add your admin password and click Install Software
Once the cleaner software has been installed onto your chosen Apple Mac device, you can then move the installer into your Trash Bin to stay on top of unnecessary digital junk.
Step 7. Once Avast Cleanup for Mac is installed, you can move the installer into your Trash

Tip from our team: 


If something looks like it has gone wrong with the installation of Avast, or you’ve decided to use the cleaner no longer anymore, be sure to read our piece on how to thoroughly uninstall Avast Cleanup from Mac to help you regain your disk space.


Meanwhile, to save you time, we’ll leave a short synopsis of how to remote Avast Cleanup with our dedicated software. Check it out:

  1. Open the MacKeeper app and click on Smart Uninstaller.
  2. Click the Start Scan button and allow a few moments for it to scan your Mac.
  3. Once the scan is complete, click on Applications and look for Avast Cleanup. Once you’ve found it, tick the box.
  4. All that’s left is to click the Remove Selected button and confirm the removal with Remove.  
To remove the Avast Cleanup App with the help of MacKeeper, begin by opening MacKeeper on your computer and navigating the left-hand menu until you see Smart Uninstaller. Once you've chosen this feature, you can then click the Start Scan button.
Step 1. Open the MacKeeper App, choose the Smart Uninstaller tool, and then click Start Scan
Allow a few moments for MacKeeper's Smart Uninstaller to scan your device. Once the scan is completed, click on Applications and look for Avast Cleanup. Once found, tick the box next to the app and then press Remove Selected.
Step 2. Once the scan is complete, look through the applications and select Avast Cleanup
Before MacKeeper can delete the App, you'll need to confirm your actions by clicking Remove. Once that button is pressed it will delete all traces of the Avast cleanup app for good.
Step 3. Now click the Remove Selected button and confirm to remove Avast with Remove

Avast Cleanup vs MacKeeper

Avast Cleanup is certainly a very capable Mac cleaner, but that’s all it is. The cleanup software cannot detect any viruses or secure your browsing data further than removing cookies. There are some additional software programs that Avast offers that could be used to help improve Mac security, like their Avast Premium Security program, but that software is isolated to a separate subscription locked behind a hefty annual fee. It still doesn’t encompass all the security and organizational features you might want from a Mac cleaner. Therefore, if you’re looking for an all-in-one advanced Mac cleaner that also boasts security features, then our Avast Cleanup Review recommends looking for an alternative app.


In contrast, MacKeeper includes pretty much everything Avast Cleanup does, including a lot more. The MacKeeper app can provide antivirus, ID protection, and other security-related features. There’s also real-time antivirus protection that can automatically detect viruses before they try infecting your Mac. It also keeps you safe from adware, ransomware, annoying ads, and site trackers. Plus, it adds extra security to your connection with a VPN. Then, on top of all of that, there’s an impressive suite of device maintenance, cleanup, and decluttering features. All these features make MacKeeper a great alternative to Avast Cleanup, with maybe even the best antivirus for Mac. But you’ll have to try MacKeeper to be the judge.

In the MacKeeper app, you will find a suite of cleaning features like  Safe Cleanup, Duplicates Finder, and Smart Uninstaller. There is also an Antivirus, an Adwear cleaner, more privacy features, and performance-boosting tools. With MacKeeper by your side, you'll easily be able to keep on top of your regular device maintenance. You can also be rest assured knowing that MacKeeper will also keep your device secure and protect you whilst browsing online.

If you’re interested in comparing the features of CleanMyMac vs Avast to see which you might prefer to install, then you can check out our in-depth review to help you make your decision.

Is Avast Cleanup for Mac worth it?

Avast Cleanup does offer a suite of decent cleaning features, making it a suitable choice for Mac users looking for some basic optimization tools. However, for anyone looking for more advanced features beyond a basic digital cleanup, Avast Cleanup may not be worth it. While the software program is known to declutter your device effectively, it lacks basic security features, so it’s not an all-in-one solution.


On the other hand, MacKeeper emerges as a better alternative for Mac users who are in the market for both cleanup and advanced security features from their cleanup software. With its Safe Cleanup feature and comprehensive security suite, including antivirus protection and real-time protection, MacKeeper offers a holistic solution to keep your Mac optimized as well as protected from online threats like malware. Choosing MacKeeper ensures not only a clean Mac but also offers you peace of mind that your device is both optimized and secure.


1. How do I cancel an Avast Cleanup subscription?

For this purpose, you need to visit your Avast account and find there an option to cancel any active and current subscriptions you have. If you’re looking to cancel your subscription within 30 days of the purchase date, then you may still be within the refund policy requirement. This means that within that time frame, you can end your package and get a full refund for the price you paid. If the reason for canceling your Avast Cleanup subscription is that you need an all-in-one Mac maintenance app, with built-in security features, then we recommend you download the MacKeeper app to see how you like it.


The MacKeeper app offers a comprehensive suite of tools for optimizing your Mac's performance and to help keep it protected from online threats, making it a suitable alternative to Avast Cleanup. Give it a try and experience the difference in Mac maintenance and security firsthand.

2. Is there a free version of Avast Cleanup for Mac?

Yes and no! Yes, you can try Avast Cleanup Premium, for Mac, for free but only for 30 days. Then, after that time, you’ll need to subscribe to regain access to its MacBook cleaner features. You can also download the Avast scanner for free onto your device, but again, without either a free trial or a paid subscription, the cleanup suite will be locked until purchased.


In contrast, if you did decide to download MacKeeper, then you’d have more affordable subscription options and have all of our cleanup and security features on hand. Not like with Avast, whose tools are limited with additional features locked being more subscriptions, you’ll gain full access to the whole MacKeeper suite—all and at once.

3. Is Avast Cleanup part of Avast Premium Security?

No, Avast Cleanup isn’t included as part of Avast Premium Security. Avast Cleanup Premium requires a separate, paid subscription to use. Avast Premium Security can offer protection for your devices, like antivirus, firewall, and privacy protection but these features incur an additional cost. The Avast Cleanup is designed specifically just for decluttering your system, offering features such as junk file removal, disk cleanup, and performance optimization tools.


Furthermore, you cannot use an Avast Premium Security subscription to activate Avast Cleanup Premium. This is because each product requires its subscription for access to its respective features and functionalities.

4. How to restore files deleted by Avast Cleanup?

When Avast deletes a file, the file doesn’t necessarily end up in your Trash Bin. Instead, it’ll be permanently deleted and almost impossible to restore. If you do need to restore an important file that Avast Cleanup has deleted, then you may have two options. You might be able to use specialist data recovery software or recover your files from a separate backup.


Unfortunately, just like most other Mac cleaners, once files are deleted they are nearly impossible to restore, That’s why backing up your files first with macOS’s built-in Time Machine or even an external drive (like a USB or SSD drive) is strongly advised before proceeding with any file removal.

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