CleanMyMac X vs MacKeeper

There are many Mac cleaning and optimization apps on the market, but CleanMyMac X and MacKeeper are two of the best. They have several similarities, including their country of origin, but they differ in many important ways too.


In this guide, we’ll explore those similarities and differences so you can make the right choice for you. MacKeeper versus CleanMyMac—which one comes out on top?

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Similarities between CleanMyMac and MacKeeper

Both MacKeeper and CleanMyMac are made by Ukrainian development companies, part of the nation’s emergence as a major player in the technology sector.


Broadly speaking, these two apps serve the same function—to protect, clean, and optimize your Mac. They share several key features, but each app has its own unique features, and its own pros and cons.

Using CleanMyMac's Smart Scan feature, you can check your Mac for various issues, including junk files and malware, and then sort them all out at once.
CleanMyMac offers a Smart Scan function
MacKeeper's Find & Fix feature will scan your Mac with a variety of different tools, including Antivirus, Safe Cleanup, and Update Tracker.
MacKeeper offers to Find & Fix your Mac's issues

CleanMyMac vs MacKeeper: Feature comparison

Let’s start by looking at the common features between MacKeeper vs CleanMyMac. Find an overview of those similarities below:

  1. Cleaning tools
  2. Security and privacy
  3. Performance and optimization
  4. Certifications and support

1. Cleaning tools

The two apps are very close in terms of cleaning. Both MacKeeper and CleanMyMac will scan your Mac for junk data that you safely delete. Run a scan, and these apps will quickly find cached files, old logs, unused languages, and more—all of which you can remove, helping get back some storage space.

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If you’re wondering about your Mac’s built-in tools, check out our piece devoted to this popular question—does Apple have a Mac cleaner?

 MacKeeperCleanMyMac X
Cache and log removal
Unused languages
Duplicates removal
Xcode junk
Mail attachments
Trash bins

2. Security and privacy

Whether you choose CleanMyMac or MacKeeper, you’ll get real-time anti-malware protection. This means your Mac is constantly protected from new threats as they appear on your system. Both apps can run on-demand scans.

 MacKeeperCleanMyMac X
Real-time virus protection
Malware monitor
Real-time adware monitoring
VPN private connection
Ad blocking
Web trackers blocker
Data breach alerts
Browsing history cleanup
App permissions management

3. Performance and optimization

Both apps can manage launch items and program updates, as well as cleaning your RAM. CleanMyMac has the edge here, though, with a wider selection of maintenance tools. It can free up purgeable space, run maintenance scripts, flush DNS cache, and more.

 MacKeeperCleanMyMac X
App uninstaller
Widget removal
Extensions uninstaller
Update tracker
Login items
File shredder
Large and old files
Disk space visualization

4. Certifications and support

Awards aside, there’s a key difference in support options. CleanMyMac has a built-in assistant that will recommend which feature to run next or opens helpful tutorials. In contrast, MacKeeper comes with a built-in live chat option, offering the huge advantage of human help with issues that need resolving, compared with just helpful hints from a standard tutorial.

 MacKeeperCleanMyMac X
Apple notarized
AppEsteem certified
AV-TEST certified
iF design award
24/7 live chat
Premium services add-on

Differences between CleanMyMac and MacKeeper

As you’ve seen, both CleanMyMac and MacKeeper offer a good selection of tools, but what makes each of them special? Let’s see.

What makes MacKeeper special

This time, we’d like to focus on the features that make MacKeeper worth using:

  1. All-in-one tool
  2. Security driven
  3. Premium support

1. All-in-one tool

The best thing about MacKeeper is that you don’t need to buy dozens of separate apps. Everything is already available in this single app:

  • Duplicates Finder removes useless file copies and helps you reclaim your disk space.
  • VPN Private Connect encrypts your connection and hides your browsing data.
  • StopAd blocks ads and site trackers for loading web pages faster and muting pesky browser notifications.
  • ID Theft Guard alerts you to any exposed passwords and monitors for new data breaches 24/7.

CleanMyMac does offer these tools, but as separate apps that cost extra. MacPaw’s Gemini apps remove duplicates, while it also offers ClearVPN for privacy.

MacKeeper includes a VPN client, which will encrypt your network connection and protect your identity from outsiders. Normally, this would be a separate service.
MacKeeper's Private Connect VPN feature

2. Security driven

In March 2023, MacKeeper was independently certified by AV-TEST and scored 6.0 out of 6.0—the highest in all 3 categories (Protection, Performance, Usability), and found 99.7% of the most widespread malware.

3. Premium support

MacKeeper offers extended, unlimited tech support, but not just for Macs—for virtually any device you own. The service is called MacKeeper’s Premium Services, and it fixes software issues via remote connection. Phones, tablets, laptops—these technicians will try to fix any issue with any device that connects you to the internet, including weird ones like solar panels or smart microwaves.



Please note that the MacKeeper subscription doesn’t include Premium Services. It’s a separate subscription starting at $58 per month within the 12-month subscription. If you want to test it for a shorter period, you can choose the 6-month plan $68 per month.

If you need expert support on tap, then MacKeeper's Premium Services will fit the bill. This is on-demand technical support for all your devices.
Premium Services is an optional add-on

What makes CleanMyMac special

CleanMyMac also has some features that make it an interesting product:

  1. Versatile cleaning toolset
  2. Maintenance
  3. Interface

1. Versatile cleaning toolset

CleanMyMac has more cleaning tools. It detects 14 types of junk files, including cache, logs, languages—and some more obscure ones (old updates, Xcode junk, document versions). 


If you like to manage your disk space manually, CleanMyMac has many tools to review your files. It shows large and old ones, and displays which folders take up the most space—with Space Lens. There are also some pro tools like Shredder to erase files forever.

Using CleanMyMac's Space Lens feature, you can quickly identify what files are taking up your disk space, so you can quickly remove them.
CleanMyMac's Space Lens feature

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Struggling with storage space? Read our guide on how to get more disk space on Mac.

2. Maintenance

Picky Mac users will love the variety of performance tools CleanMyMac has tucked away behind the scenes. Aside from freeing up RAM, CleanMyMac offers multiple pro features like running maintenance scripts, speeding up Mail, rebuilding launch services, reindexing Spotlight, and even repairing disk permissions.

CleanMyMac offers you loads of different maintenance tools, including the ability to free up RAM and run maintenance scripts.
CleanMyMac gives you various maintenance tools

3. Interface

Apple sets the design bar really high, so any macOS app should at least match it. CleanMyMac does a great job of providing a visually appealing, smooth, and fluid interface. It even won an iF Design Award in 2020. The design looks sleek and professional like any macOS app should.

MacKeeper vs. CleanMyMac: Pricing policy

How much you pay for each of these apps depends on how many Macs you want to cover and for how long.


CleanMyMac offers the benefit of one-time purchases. These give you access to all updates and fixes for your current major version of the app.


MacKeeper, meanwhile, only offers subscriptions, but it offers the benefit of a monthly, rolling plan. That means you can give it a proper trial run before committing to a long-term subscription.

CleanMyMac pricing

 One-year subscriptionOne-time purchase
1 Mac$34.95$89.95
2 Macs$54.95$134.95
5 Macs$79.95$199.95

MacKeeper pricing

 One-year planOne-month plan
3 Macs$89.40N/A
1 Mac$71.40$10.95

Which is better: MacKeeper vs. CleanMyMac X

So CleanMyMac vs MacKeeper—which app is the winner? They’re both great ways to clean up your Mac, but ultimately the decision depends on what specific tools you’re looking for and your budget.


CleanMyMac offers some handy features you won’t find in MacKeeper, like Space Lens, Shredder, and a variety of maintenance tools. However, MacKeeper gives you a Duplicates Finder and a VPN Private Connect client, which you’d normally have to pay for separately.


The option of one-time purchases makes CleanMyMac an appealing prospect, but it’s a big investment. The option to pay for MacKeeper on a monthly basis means it offers much more flexibility.  

MacKeeper has been certified by independent testers, and it has performed well in those tests, with a 99.7% detection rate.
MacKeeper is certified and reliable

FAQ: CleanMyMac X versus MacKeeper

1. What is the main difference between MacKeeper and CleanMyMac?

There are several differences between MacKeeper and CleanMyMac, but one of the biggest ones is the MacKeeper’s VPN Private Connect. This powerful privacy tool is included in the price. Normally, you’d have to buy a VPN subscription separately.

2. Are MacKeeper and CleanMyMac legit?

Yes, both MacKeeper and CleanMyMac are legit apps, created by legitimate software development firms. Independent tests have approved both apps and shown them to be legitimate.


For more information about CleanMyMac, check out Is CleanMyMac X safe?


You can also learn about the safety of MacKeeper in Is MacKeeper safe?

3. Is MacKeeper the same as CleanMyMac?

No. MacKeeper comes from a completely different company to CleanMyMac. They operate in the same market and offer some similar features, but they also have some key differences too.


Read our CleanMyMac X review for more information about its features.


For a full account of MacKeeper’s features, take a look at What is MacKeeper?

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