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How to Use Adware Cleaner in MacKeeper

The Adware Cleaner feature detects and removes advertising software from your Mac. Known as adware, these malicious or unwanted programs may display annoying ads on your Mac desktop or open webpages in your browser without your consent. Adware Cleaner is a powerful online adware scanner that removes suspicious apps in two clicks.


To scan your Mac for adware, do the following:


1. Go to Adware Cleaner from the left panel

2. Click the blue Open button at the bottom of the window

3. Click Start Scan

adware cleaner tab with the start scan button

4. Once the scan is over, you’ll see the list of all adware items found

5. Remove all adware items found by clicking the blue Delete button


By default, MacKeeper selects all adware infections detected. We recommend removing all adware items as it’s completely safe for your Mac. If you want to keep some adware on your Mac, you can deselect the Check All checkbox; however, we strongly recommend deleting all adware items. 


The combination of Mac antivirus and adware scanner for Mac makes MacKeeper an ultimate protection solution. Use MacKeeper’s security tools to get peace of mind and keep your Mac safe from threats. 


Moreover, Adware Cleaner has real-time monitoring as well as Antivirus. So MacKeeper can monitor your Mac 24/7 and instantly notify you of malicious items.


To enable Real-time monitoring:


1. Click on the Preferences word or click on MacKeeper near the Apple logo and choose Preferences

2. Go to the Adware Cleaner tab

mackeeper preferences adware cleaner tab

3. Click on a checkbox near Enable Real-time Monitoring in the Adware Cleaner tab

real-time monitoring enabled

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