How to activate a MacKeeper license

We’ll explain how to get an activation code and start using your MacKeeper license.  

How to get an activation code

1. Open MacKeeper and click Unlock Full Version  

Unlock Full Version

2. Choose your plan and hit Instant Activation

MacKeeper Pricing

3. Enter your payment details


4. See your MacKeeper activation code on the screen

Activation code

You can also find the code in your mailbox, as we’ll email it to you right after the purchase. Check for the inbox letter titled Your MacKeeper order, then copy the 16-digit activation code from there. Remember to check the spam or junk folders as well if you can’t find the message.


Still can’t find your MacKeeper activation key? Contact our support team for help.  

How to activate your license  

Usually, the license activates automatically within 5 minutes. If it doesn’t, follow these steps:  


1. Open MacKeeper

Open MacKeeper

2. Click MacKeeper in the top-left corner next to the Apple logo


3. Select Enter Activation Code

MacKeeper menu > Enter Actiovation Code

4. Paste it and hit Apply Code

Enter Actiovation Code

5. Log in to your MacKeeper account or create one

Log in to your MacKeeper account

Alternatively, you can activate your license through your MacKeeper account on the web:  


1. Go to

MacKeeper account

2. Log in or create your MacKeeper account


3. Click Enter Activation Code  

Enter Activation Code

4. Paste your code and hit Activate

Activation code added

Troubleshoot MacKeeper activation errors

Activation code already in use

When you try to activate MacKeeper with a code that’s already been used, you will see the following error message:  


Activation code has already been applied to your MacKeeper account. Please log in.

Activation code already in use

To log back in to your MacKeeper account:  


1. Click the profile icon in the top left

profile icon

2. Log in with your email and password

Log in to your MacKeeper account

3. Your valid MacKeeper license will be automatically activated

Invalid activation code

Invalid activation code

If you see a message saying Your activation code is not valid, here’s what you need to do:  

  1. Check if you’ve entered the code correctly. A valid MacKeeper activation code must be 16 characters long and include both letters and numbers.
  2. Make sure you've copied the entire code when pasting it. Look for the MacKeeper order confirmation email in your mailbox, then copy your activation code, and paste it again.

Still getting errors? Contact our support team for help.


Run Application


Click Continue


Click Install


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