Killian Bell

Killian is a freelance writer who is obsessed with the latest technology. His writing guides will help you make the most of your gadgets.

Education: Took professional courses in:

  • macOS security
  • Introduction to coding
  • Image editing
  • Advanced journalism
  • SEO.


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac stuff
  • Apple Watch
  • Cybersecurity
  • Gaming.


Killian has spent more than a decade writing about and researching technology. He has worked for a number of popular online publications and provided copywriting services to several large corporations within the technology industry. But most of all, he enjoys writing guides and tutorials that help others make the most of their favorite devices, and reporting on the latest tech news. 


Killian’s love for technology started at an early age, when he used to take apart his electronics just to find out how they worked. Once he had uncovered their secrets, he would attempt to put them back together, though this wasn’t always a successful endeavour. As he grew older, Killian became fascinated with computers and video games, and still vividly remembers getting his first laptop—a second-hand beige box that was running Windows 95.


Soon after that, Killian started building his own desktop computers using components he picked up at computer fairs, and he quickly became his family’s designated tech support person. At school, Killian discovered a passion for writing and telling stories, and he excelled in English and computing. By the time he left high school, Killian was already contributing to small tech blogs and saving up for his first Apple product—a white iMac G4.


That iMac is what led to Killian’s love for all things Apple. Although he keeps a Windows PC for gaming and uses Android devices from time to time, Killian feels most at home on a Mac, which’s why now he’s happy to contribute to the MacKeeper’s blog and their users. Here, his major focus is writing guides and tutorials on Apple-related issues.


Being a freelancer allows Killian to write around his day job as a technology researcher, in which he carries out due diligence on exciting products and companies, and their senior leaders. When he’s not working, Killian enjoys spending time with his three children and his dog, who bring him more happiness than any Apple keynote ever could.

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