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MacKeeper Tutorials Track My Mac

Track My Mac

The Track My Mac feature may help find your Mac if it gets lost or stolen. This Mac finder tool shows the real-time location of your Mac on a map, allowing you to lock or unlock its screen remotely. Remember to install Track My Mac before your Mac gets lost, otherwise, you won’t be able to locate your Mac. 

How to set up Track My Mac 

  • Step 1. Open MacKeeper, and select Track My Mac from the left sidebar

When using Track My Mac for the first time, the welcome screen will invite you to install the necessary components.  

  • Step 2. Click Install Track My Mac

To continue with installation, MacKeeper will ask to enable Location Tracker and Screen Locker. This lets you know what data will be used and for what purposes.

  • Step 3. Click Agree to enable the services and install Track My Mac
  • Step 4. Enter your Mac password if required, and click Install Helper
  • Step 5. After Track My Mac is installed, you should see the name of the device you’ve just installed Track My Mac on

Important: When you open Track My Mac the first time on macOS 10.14 Mojave or higher, you’ll also need to allow your Mac to use your webcam. Camera access is required for Track My Mac to take photos of the thief or anyone who enters the wrong Mac password. To do so, click OK on the pop-up window: 

If you selected “Don’t Allow”, you can always give the camera permission later.

  • Select a Mac with the orange ℹ️ icon from the left panel
  • Click System Preferences in the orange notification in the right panel
  • Select the MacKeeper checkbox (1) and click Quit Now (2) on the pop-up window
  • Once the MacKeeper checkbox is selected, Track My Mac can successfully use your camera to take snapshots

How to add another Mac to Track My Mac 

If you have more than one Mac computer, you can track all of them with Track My Mac.  

  • To add another device, click Add a new Mac 
  • Follow the instructions from the pop-up message; to receive instructions to your inbox, enter your address and click Send

What to do with Mac location reports 

The Track My Mac location reports show you all necessary details, so you always know where’s your Mac.  

  • Step 1. To see the list of reports, open MacKeeper, and select Track My Mac
  • Step 2. To sort reports, click the nine-dot View button and choose the order you’d like

Note: You can sort reports by date in ascending or descending order and filter by all reports, lock screen reports, and anti-theft reports. 

  • Step 3. Select the report you would like to review

Let’s review what’s in your location report: 

  • Step 1. The date and time shows when the unsuccessful login attempt took place
  • Step 2. There are two types of Track My Mac report:
    • Lock Screen Report shows details for entering the wrong Mac password
    • Anti-Theft Report shows the same details, but after you’ve reported your Mac as stolen
  • Step 3. Action buttons allow you:
    • Delete this report from Track My Mac (like when you’ve entered the wrong password yourself)
    • Print the entire report
    • Download this report as a PDF file to your Downloads folder
    • Share this report via your Mac apps (like Notes or Messages), or choose other apps by clicking More
  • Step 4. The Mac name, model, and serial number show the computer this report was made on
  • Step 4. The pic of the thief (or anyone who entered the wrong Mac password) is made via the Mac webcam

Scroll down for more details: 

  • Location of the incident on a map (1)
  • Real address, IP, and GPS coordinates of this place (2)
  • Network details (3) to identify the Wi-Fi hotspot used to make this report

All details of the report are intended to provide you as much information about the missing Mac as possible. You can download it or print it and take to the police to help them find a missing Mac. 

How to use the Track My Mac settings 

You decide how Track My Mac should work. To access this feature’s settings, you’ll need to open the Track My Preferences: 

  • Click MacKeeper next to the Apple menu, and select Preferences
  • Select the Track My Mac tab

There are four Mac tracking and Screen Locker options for Track My Mac. Let’s take a closer look at them.  

How to know your Mac’s current location 

Location Tracker is selected by default. This option helps MacKeeper track your Mac’s location details. If you don’t want to see your Mac’s location on a map, deselect the Enable Location Tracker checkbox. 

How to snapshot the intruder 

The second checkbox in the Track My Mac preferences is also selected by default. It uses the Mac camera to take a picture of anyone after unsuccessful login attempts. 

If you receive theft reports with your photos, but your Mac is not stolen, just deselect the Snapshot the intruder checkbox.  

For safety reasons we recommend keep this checkbox selected and change the number of unsuccessful login attempts instead. Just choose a suitable option from the drop-down list. 

How to lock Mac screen with MacKeeper 

Use the third option in Preferences to create your own shortcut to lock your Mac’s screen. Quick lock shortcut is off by default, here’s how to turn it on: 

  • Select the Quick lock shortcut checkbox
  • Press the keys for your shortcut. Remember, it should meet the requirements from the pop-up notification
    • The shortcut is from 2 to 5 keys long
    • It has only one modifier key, like shift, control, option, and alt.
    • The shortcut is 1 key long only if you use one of the function keys (F1-F12)

How to lock Mac screen with MacKeeper 

  • Choose the length of time a password is required after the sleep or screensaver begins—the length of time equals that set in macOS System Preferences.

What to do if your Mac gets lost or stolen 

If you’ve installed Track My Mac on your device previously and your Mac gets lost, you can report it as stolen on your MacKeeper account

  • Step 1. Go to your MacKeeper account; if you need to log in, enter your email and password you use for MacKeeper, then click Log In
  • Step 2. On the homepage, select Anti-Theft from the left sidebar
  • Step 3. Click Report Computer as Stolen next to the missing device’s name
  • Step 4. Enter your phone number and click Send
  • Step 5. The ‘Stolen’ label should appear on the missing Mac item, and you will start receiving reports once your Mac is connected to the internet

MacKeeper sends all reports to the email address your MacKeeper account is associated with.  

This is what the email should look like: 

  • To see the full location report, log in to your MacKeeper account, select Anti-Theft from the left sidebar, and click View Reports

You can see the missing Mac’s locations on a map, the date and time of the last connection to the internet, and snapshots of the thief from the Mac’s web camera. Thus, whenever you wonder where’s your Mac, you can check on your MacKeeper account at the moment.

  • You can print the Anti-Theft report and take it to the police. To do this, select View Reports below the Anti-Theft tab, choose the most recent report and click Print Report 

What to do if your Mac was found 

If you find your Mac, you may report it as found on your MacKeeper account to stop receiving reports about Mac locations.  

  • Select Anti-Theft from the left sidebar, and click Has Your Computer Been Found
  • Enter your MacKeeper account password, and click Send—to share details of your Mac recovery, select the checkbox next to Please tell us what happened
  • If you select the box, you will see the dialog pop-up; write the details of your story and click Send, or you can skip this step by clicking Skip 
  • After changes are applied to your MacKeeper account, you will see a ‘Protected’ label next to the computer that was previously stolen

Track My Mac is a powerful MacKeeper feature that can help you to locate and recover your Mac if it is ever lost or stolen as well as identify the thief. With Track My Mac, you can also adjust how quickly the feature reports suspicious activity on your Mac as well as set quick key shortcuts to lock your Mac easily.  

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