Louis Galea

Louis is a freelance writer and Apple enthusiast who aids people through tech-centred content.

Freelance Writer



Bournemouth, United Kingdom



Harewood College, High School, Bournemouth



  • Apple Products
  • Software and Apps
  • Online Casino
  • Poker
  • Food & Beverage
  • Marketing
  • Finance



Louis Galea is an author with a passion for writing and a creative mind that knows no bounds. Ever since he was a child, Louis has loved writing and storytelling, and as he grew older, he realized that he wanted to make a career out of his passion.


After leaving school, Louis found himself working in administration, but he knew deep down that his heart was in writing. So, he took the brave step of leaving his job and pursuing his passion for writing full-time.


Louis's writing style is unique, combining his favorite passions such as technology, coffee, and marketing into his work. He loves to explore how technology is changing the world and how it can be used to make our lives better. He’s also a big coffee lover and often writes about the different types of coffee and how they can be enjoyed. In addition to his love for technology and coffee, Louis is also passionate about marketing. He enjoys writing about different marketing strategies and how they can be used to help businesses succeed. That’s why you can imagine Louis as a person having a keen eye for detail and ways to help businesses grow and thrive.


Over the years, Louis has shared his expertise on these subjects through his writing. He has written numerous articles and blog posts, and his works have been featured in various publications such as The Lost Gamer and Gaming Gadgets. His writing for MacKeeeper’s blog is informative, engaging, and always entertaining, and he has developed a loyal following of readers who look forward to his next piece.

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