World-Check Global Terrorism Database Exposed Online

World-Check Global Terrorism Database Exposed Online

A few years ago, Thomson Reuters purchased a company for $530 million. Part of this deal included a global database of "heightened-risk individuals" called World-Check that Thomson Reuters maintains to this day.

As stated by, World-Check is used by over 300 government and intelligence agencies, 49 of the 50 biggest banks, and 9 of the top 10 global law firms. The current-day version of the database contains, among other categories, a blacklist of 93,000 individuals suspected of having ties to terrorism.

According to Chris, no hacking was involved in his acquisition of this data. “I would call it more of a leak than anything, although not directly from Thomson Reuters. The exact details behind that can be shared at a later time.”

This copy has over 2.2 million heightened-risk individuals and organizations in it. The terrorism category is only a small part of the database. Other categories consist of individuals suspected of being related to money laundering, organized crime, bribery, corruption, and other unsavory activities.

Thomson Reuters claims that the database has been exposed by a third-party and confirmed that data is now secured. Chris from MacKeeper has not released this database to the world.





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