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MacKeeper Activation

To activate MacKeeper, you’ll need two things ready — your MacKeeper activation code and your MacKeeper account.

How to get a MacKeeper activation code

You’ll receive your activation code right after purchasing the full MacKeeper license. Here are two ways to get yours:


1. Open MacKeeper, and click the green Unlock Full Version button in the bottom-left corner

find & fix tab in mackeeper with unlock full version button highligted

2. Choose your MacKeeper plan here


Once your purchase is processed, you’ll see your MacKeeper activation code on the screen. We’ll email it to you as well.


Activating the full MacKeeper license gives you unlimited access to all its features throughout your subscription. Remember, we never provide free MacKeeper activation codes unless it’s a very special promotion run through our official website, not through third parties.

Where to find your activation code

Immediately following purchase, you’ll see your activation code along with other order details on your screen.

mackeeper payment successful page

Another way to find your MacKeeper activation key is to check your mailbox for the order confirmation email. Remember to check the spam or junk folders as well. Find the email with the subject: “Your MacKeeper order” and copy the 16-digit activation code from there.


Still can’t find your MacKeeper activation key? Click here to contact our support team. 

How to activate your MacKeeper license

Now that your activation code is ready, here’s how to use it for your MacKeeper license activation.


Note: usually, MacKeeper is automatically activated in 5 minutes if you purchase MacKeeper from the app. If it’s not activated, use the following instructions.


Step 1. Open MacKeeper, and go to the top-left corner of your screen

mackeeper find & fix tab

Step 2. Click MacKeeper next to the Apple logo, and choose Enter Activation Code

mackeeper menu with enter activation code

Step 3. Copy your 16-digit activation code from your confirmation email, paste it in the MacKeeper window, then click Apply Code

enter activation code in mackeeper

Step 4. Create your MacKeeper account to proceed. Use your email address or click Connect with Facebook to sign up with an existing Facebook account

create mackeeper account

Already have an account? Select Log In in the top-right corner, and enter your email address and password.

log in to mackeeper account

Forgot your account password? Reset it by clicking the Forgot Password button, or get help from our support team.

mackeeper activated screen

That’s it. Your MacKeeper is activated.

How to check if your MacKeeper is already activated

First, make sure you are logged in to MacKeeper with a valid subscription, then click MacKeeper next to the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your desktop.

mackeeper preferences

Choose Preferences from the drop-down MacKeeper menu, and click the Account tab. If you see the Sign Out button, you are already logged in to your MacKeeper account.

mackeeper account tab with the sign out button highlighted

Now go back to MacKeeper, open Find & Fix, and start a scan. If you see the Fix Items Safely button — the MacKeeper license you’re using is already activated.  If it’s called Activate and Fix — you’ll need to activate the license you purchased.

mackeeper find & fix tab

How do I log in with my MacKeeper license?

To use your activated MacKeeper license, you’ll need to log in to your account. Here’s how to do that.


1. Open MacKeeper, and go to the top-left corner of your screen

mackeeper menudrop-down

2. Click MacKeeper next to the Apple logo, choose Preferences, and open the Account tab

mackeeper account tab

3. Enter your email address and password to log in to your MacKeeper account

mackeeper account tab with email and password fields highlighted

4. Your valid MacKeeper license will be automatically activated


Now you can go to MacKeeper and start a scan — you’re all set!

How to activate MacKeeper without installing the app

You can purchase the MacKeeper license but not have the app on your Mac. If this is your case, you can activate your license online and log in to the MacKeeper app later with your already activated license. Just open your MacKeeper account online and do the following.


1. Open your inbox

2. Copy your 16-digit MacKeeper activation key from the order confirmation email

3. Go to, log in or create an account, and click Enter Activation Code

mackeeper account with enter activation code button highlighted

4. Next, paste your code and hit Activate

enter activation code for mackeeper

Once MacKeeper is activated, you’ll see the confirmation on your screen.

mackeeper actiovation successful screen

Why MacKeeper doesn't accept your activation code

Sometimes you might be entering your MacKeeper activation code but getting an error instead. Don’t worry, we know how to fix this. It all depends on the error you see.

1. Activation code already used: “Activation code has already been applied to your MacKeeper account. Please log in.”

mackeeper activation code already in use

This error appears when you’ve already activated your MacKeeper serial code. All you need to do is simply log in to your account.

  1. Open MacKeeper, and go to the top-left corner of your screen
  2. Click MacKeeper next to the Apple logo, choose Preferences, and open the Account tab
  3. Log in to your MacKeeper account
  4. Your valid MacKeeper license will be automatically activated

2.  Invalid activation code: “Your activation code is not valid.”

mackeeper invalid activation code

This error occurs if you either entered the activation code incorrectly, or you entered a nonexistent activation code.


Remember: A valid activation code must be 16 characters long and include both letters and numbers.


If you’ve already purchased MacKeeper, look for the MacKeeper order confirmation email in your inbox, and copy your activation code. If you still see this error, please contact our support team.

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