Who are cyber criminals and how to avoid the attack. Key-rules from MacKeeper specialists

Who are cyber criminals and how to avoid the attack. Key-rules from MacKeeper specialists

Before the Internet, criminals had to dig through people's trash or intercept their mail to steal their personal information. Now that all of this information is available online, criminals also use the Internet to steal people's identities, hack into their accounts, trick them into revealing the information, or infect their devices with malware. So, not only your facebook profile could be hucked, but at the same time your credit card and, and even folder with title ‘TOP SECRET” in the depths of the system folders.


Now all your important information could be hacked, even if you have high degree passwords protection and more of it you will not even suspect that someone is looking behind you… Because everything is online. 


Today is very difficult to crack down on cyber criminals because the Internet makes it easier for people to do things anonymously and from any location on the globe. That’s, actually, makes a lot of difficulties to Brought to LIABILITY criminals, because of difference of crimes law in countries around the world.


MacKeeper Team Specialists gathered key recommends how to secure your personal information and accounts:

Create different passwords for miltiple services. 

Using the same term for all of your passwords leaves your entire digital life vulnerable to attack. This means that if a hacker has one password, he or she has all of your passwords.

Update software regulary.

MacKeeper and other features typically include security bug fixes and patches in their most recent software updates. So don't ignore those annoying prompts and keep your software up-to-date. Update Tracker feature will make this process easy.

Check the publisher of the app before installing. 

Scummers publishing more and more malware in Google Play posing like another popular app. So, keep an eye out…

Make sure you Safe Browsing

Make sure the web address starts with the prefix https://. If aren't there, then the network isn't secure and you shouldn't enter any data you wouldn't want made public.

Do not login into your important accounts on public computers. 

Sometimes we have no choice, but if it possible try to use your smartphone to login your important account, or if it necessary to do on Mac, make sure you completely wipe the browser's history when you're finished.

Back up your important files and value information. 

If your computer or hurd drive will be hacked or stolen your information will be safe. Use cloud storage or portable hard drive. Read about macOS backup options.


See more information about security features of MacKeeper here.

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