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Improve your tech skills from beginner to a pro-level Mac user—that’s what our Mac tutorials are for.

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How to Update Safari on Mac

We'll explain the reasons to download a Safari update, and let our team guide you through the steps to take it with ease.

How to Get More Storage on Mac

We’ll show you how to make more space on Mac. You’ll discover the most straightforward choices first before moving on to how you can expand your storage in other ways.

How to Update Mac

We’ll show you how to update macOS automatically. Also, we’ll take you through the process of updating your apps with a single click.

How to Defrag a Mac

Is there a way to manually defrag your Mac’s hard drive? Is it necessary to do so and is it safe? Find all the answers in our article.

How to Use a MacBook

In this Mac users’ guide, we’ll cover all the basics you’ll need to get started—from finding your way around the operating system to troubleshooting any problems.

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